University Middle School Student Spotlight - January 23, 2023

University Middle School Student Spotlight - January 23, 2023

Middle School Honoree – Maddy O’Donnell (6th Grade)

Maddy is a real standout student! She works hard to exceed our expectations in the classroom - always getting her work in and studying hard. This is only part of what makes her a standout, though. The more meaningful part is in her character. Maddy is that quiet presence that is always watching to see what is needed, or who needs help. Maddy reached out to some of our new students at the beginning of the year. She meets those needs without drawing a lot of attention to herself, but we have noticed it and truly appreciate her! Maddy volunteers to gather work for others who are absent, she is able to work with everyone in the class with a smiling face and she gives thoughtful answers when she is called on. Her kindness and generosity really shine every day,

Getting to know Maddy:

  • Do you have a pet?  What do you think your pet might say about you if it could talk?

“Yes, we just got her about three months ago.  She is a Border Collie; her name is Roxi. I think she’d say ‘I love Maddy, she gives me lots of treats!’”


  • How do you like to spend your free time?

“I like to play softball.  I played catcher and first base last summer for my team, the Tigers.  I also enjoy playing with Roxi, and I like painting and drawing.”


  • For what in your life do you feel most grateful?

“I am grateful for my parents and our dog.”


“Maddy is a quiet leader in our room,” said Mrs. Ledbetter, Maddy’s 6th-grade ELA and Social Studies teacher. “She leads by example, never trying to demand the spotlight. Her awareness of what is needed helps teachers and friends both. Maddy is a genuine person and a caring member of our class.”