University Middle School Student Spotlight - May 15, 2023

University Middle School Student Spotlight - May 15, 2023

Middle School Honoree – Brayden Penley  (6th Grade)

Anyone that knows Brayden knows that he has a love for competition and strives for success. Brayden's sportsmanship carries over from the court and field to the classroom. He does a great job prioritizing supporting and encouraging his classmates as opposed to only focusing on winning regardless of its a Math review game in class or a touchdown at recess. He models great teamwork and determination.

Getting to know Bray:

  • What are you most excited about this summer?

“Starting up basketball with the school team.  We will be having some summer practices and attending a couple of team camps.  I’m excited to see the team and being able to help out younger kids that are just joining the team.”


  • What is your favorite memory from this past school year?

“Beating Hampton in the middle school basketball District Finals.  Being able to beat a rival and the thrill of being district champs felt great!”


  • What are you going to miss most about 6th grade?

“I’ll miss my teachers.  They are always trying to help, and also holding me accountable.  They’ve helped me grow as a student and helped prepare me for 7th grade.”


"Brayden's leadership is modeled by the support and encouragement he gives his classmates to work hard to meet their goals," expresses his 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Pratt. "He shows that getting to the victory line is much sweeter when you're encouraging others to get there as well along the way."