University Middle School Student Spotlight - November 21, 2022

University Middle School Student Spotlight - November 21, 2022

Middle School Honoree – Hudson Bolton

Hudson is caring and does his best in all his endeavors. Hudson says goodbye to each teacher every day and wishes us the best on his way home.

Getting to know Hudson:

  • What do you most enjoy about University School?

“I’d say two things: first, how nice the teachers usually are.  Secondly, I have a lot friends here and like hanging out with them.”


  • If you were awarded a lifetime supply of any one candy, what would you pick?

“This is a difficult decision.  There are lots of candies that I like.  I guess I’d pick either Dots or Hershey’s chocolate bar.  Dots are gumdrops that come in lots of different flavors.  That would be a hard choice.  I like Hershey bars a lot also.”


  • Who has had the largest positive impact on your life?

“My parents, friends, and teachers.  My parents have always taken care of me.  My friends because they’ve been good to me and keep me from being lonely.  My teachers are nice and help prepare me for future classes.”


“Hudson has extreme compassion for his peers and his teachers,” commented Ms. Leah Darnell, Hudson’s ELA teacher. “He is kind and caring.”