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Department of Literature and Language

College of Arts & Sciences

Welcome to the English Education major at East Tennessee State University.

Do you love to read? Do you write for fun? Are you self-motivated? Do you enjoy working with kids? Have you always dreamed of teaching English in a middle school or high school? Would you like to be highly marketable and employable upon graduation from ETSU? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, the English Education major may be just right for you.

The English Education major at ETSU prepares students for a career in teaching English in middle and high schools. The courses in the English Education major provide students with a strong foundation in literature, writing, and language. As a result of rigorous training in our department, student teachers in our program are often praised for their mastery of content knowledge. Our courses also address the study and practice of reading, critical thinking, communication, listening, and the productive use of media and emerging technologies in the classroom and explore important related issues such as censorship, NCLB, and the changing needs and concerns of adolescents. Residency I and II, formerly known as student teaching, is a year-long project that is the capstone experience of the English Education major. It provides students a guided opportunity to teach in their field with direct supervision, mentor feedback, and peer support. Thus, our program engages both the theory and practice of teaching English and takes into serious consideration not only what teachers teach but how teachers teach and to whom.

The English Education program at ETSU supports the current positions of the National Council of Teachers of English and frames our approach to content knowledge, pedagogy, and professionalism on Tennessee state teaching standards. Additionally, we are aligned with The Clemmer College of Education’s Conceptual Framework that brings to the dialog on teaching and teaching practices the crucial issues of life-long learning, reflective practice, social responsibility, diversity, caring, and collaboration. For more information regarding educator preparation, visit The Clemmer College's site, here.

* Checksheets should only be used with the assistance of an academic advisor in the planning and coordination of your degree. Please refer to the undergraduate catalog for specific degree requirements and your degree progress in DegreeWorks.

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