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Mathematics & Statistics

College of Arts & Sciences

To complete the ETSU Honors-in-Discipline Mathematics Program, a student must complete the 120 semester hours of work required for a B.S. in math. The courses consist of

  • 42 semester hours of general education requirements,
  • 8-10 semester hours of natural science,
  • 34 semester hours of core math classes, 12 semester hours of math classes chosen from a specific math track (Mathematical Sciences, Mathematical Statistics, Quantitative Modeling, or Mathematical Education), and
  • at least 18 semester hours of these classes must consist of honors math classes - 12 to 15 hours will be math classes which are "honors enriched" and 3 to 6 hours will be Honors Thesis (MATH 4018).

A math major must complete the mathematics core requirements and then select one of four tracks: mathematical sciences, mathematical statistics, quantitative modeling, or mathematics education. Students planning to teach mathematics at the secondary level may choose the education track. In addition, such students must complete professional education requirements for secondary education students. Students planning to pursue careers in industry or a field that utilizes statistics should choose the statistics track, while those desiring a job in research or industry utilizing areas of mathematics other than statistics should choose the quantitative modeling track. Those intending to pursue a graduate degree in mathematics should choose the mathematical sciences track.

An Honors-in-Discipline Math Program Sheet (or "checklist") contains all of the requirements for both a B.S. in math as well as the extra requirements for the honors-in-discipline degree. You can use this sheet to plan your classes for each semester. You should make such plans with input from the Math Honors-in-Discipline coordinator and make sure that the coordinator has an up-to-date copy of your program sheet.

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