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Mathematics & Statistics

College of Arts & Sciences

Our students are doing amazing things!

  • Anthony Adams - BS Fall 2018

    Anthony graduated in Fall 2018 and is now a Government Pricing Pharmaceutical Analyst at Riparian in Johnson City.

  • Zachary Becker - BS Spring 2019

    Zach will be pursuing a Master’s degree in Business Analytics at the University of Tennessee upon graduation.

  • Ronnie Biddinger - BS Spring 2019

    Ronnie will be pursuing a Master’s degree in Business Analytics at the University of Tennessee upon graduation.

  • Matthew Dale - BS Spring 2019

    Matthew Dale is currently in talks to begin contract work with a United States Navy Base in Dahlgren, VA after graduation.

  • Ayotunde Egunjobi - MS Spring 2019

    Ayo is actively investigating job opportunities in Data Science/Analytics before eventually pursuing a PhD.

  • Sarah Gallant - BS expected Fall 2019

    Sarah plans to pursue a career as an Actuary after graduation this fall. She will take her first exam this summer.

  • Carmen Gaver - BS Spring 2019

    Carmen is actively seeking jobs in Statistics closer to her home town in Virginia.

  • Emily Hammes - BS Spring 2019

    Emily has already started the Masters of Arts in Teaching program at ETSU. She plans to graduate in 2020 and pursue a career as a high school mathematics teacher.

  • Jonathan Hampton - BS expected Fall 2019

    Jonathan expects to graduate this fall semester and then plans on attending graduate school to further his interests in Machine Learning and related fields.

  • Katie Heidt - MS Spring 2019

    Katie is actively pursuing job opportunities in Data Analysis after graduation with her Master’s degree.

  • Natalee Henderson - BS Spring 2019

    Natalee is actively seeking Teaching Positions in grades 6-12 in East Tennessee upon graduation.

  • Nicholas Hodge - BS Spring 2019

    Nick has accepted a job as a Systems Analyst at Eastman in Kingsport, TN.

  • Sajedul Islam - MS Summer 2019

    Islam plans to pursue his PhD in either Mathematics or Data Science starting in Spring 2020.

  • Bethany Jewett - BS Spring 2019

    Bethany is actively seeking a position using her Applied Mathematics background.

  • Seth Ketron - BS Spring 2019

    Seth is planning to pursue a Masters of Science degree in Mathematics at ETSU upon graduation.

  • Isaac Nwi-Mozu

    Isaac plans to graduate this fall and then pursue his PhD. He has been admitted and is investigating his options: PhD in Biostatistics at University at Buffalo or PhD in Computation and Data Science at Chapman University. PhD in Biostatistics at

  • Mary Grace Oster - BS Spring 2019

    Grace plans to take a year off before exploring graduate school opportunities in Statistics.

  • Christine Padden - BS Spring 2019

    Christine plans to hike across Scotland before starting the MAT program at ETSU in the fall. Eventually she plans to pursue a doctorate in math education.

  • Nathan Ramsey - BS Spring 2019

    Nate plans to pursue a Masters of Science degree in Mathematics at ETSU upon graduation.

  • Rebeccca Rasnick - MS Spring

    Rebecca will be pursuing a PhD in Biostatistics at Virginia Commonwealth University upon graduation.

  • Justin Reising - MS expected Fall 2019

    Justin in planning on pursing a career in Sports Analytics upon graduation with his Masters degree this fall.

  • Ameilia Schroeder - BS Spring 2019

    Amelia will be pursing her PhD in Biostatistics at the University of Pennsylvania starting this fall.

  • Sarah Wang - BS Spring 2019

    Sarah is actively seeking jobs using her Applied Mathematics background.

  • Skylar Carpenter - MS Spring 2019

    Skylar is actively pursuing job opportunities in Data Analytics after graduation with his Master’s degree.


Notable Activities of Our Faculty!

Dr. Michele Joyner is the principal investigator of a PIC Math course (Preparation for Industrial Careers in Mathematical Sciences) at ETSU.  PIC Math is a joint Mathematical Association of America and Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics program funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF grant DMS-1345499).  

Michele Joyner won the 2019-20 College of Arts and Sciences Teaching Award! In addition, she was nominated for University Teaching Award. The winner will be announced August 2020. Dr. Joyner was also promoted to Full Professor! 


  • Isaiah Cox won the 2019-20 Medallion Recipeint (highest GPA) and Outstanding Undergraduate in Mathematics Award.
  • Trent Maddox won the 2019-20 Faculty Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Student.
  • Alyssa England, Samantha Miranda, and  Aradhana Soni all received the 2019-20 Outstanding Graduate Student Award.
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