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Mathematics & Statistics

College of Arts & Sciences

Below you will find several links to web pages with open-source software, free applications, encyclopedias, and other sites of general interest in mathematics.  

Help in Courses

Khan Academy (A collection of YouTube videos that teach various math skills – From Algebra to Differential Equations)

The Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math (A good resource for lower level courses)

CAUSEweb (A good resource for teaching undergraduate statistics)

Success in Mathematics (A great guide for success in math put together by St. Louis University)

Purplemath (A site for algebra help)

Print Free Graph Paper

Research Links


Sage Math (A Maple Emulator)

The Grammar According to West

The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences

Graph Database (A nice site by Jason Grout)

Latex Links

Getting Started with Latex(A free guide to Latex from David Wilkins)

Not So Short Introduction to Latex (A longer free guide to Latex from Tobias Oetikier et al.)

TexnicCenter (Download Latex)

General Interest

MathWorld - The World of Mathematics (An online math encyclopedia) 

Planet Math (Another math encyclopedia)

Mathematician Biographies

Free Math Books 

Math Videos (A list created and maintained by )

Professional Organizations

American Mathematical Society

American Statistical Association

Mathematical Association of America

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics


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