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Mathematics & Statistics

College of Arts & Sciences

Yoakley 210 and 213 are being provided as work and study places for you. You will have electronic access to both the building and the rooms 24/7.

However, electronic access also means that a log of entry by name is produced. We expect you to be responsible, but do keep in mind that should there be a problem, there will be a record of those who entered the building at any given time.


  1. ACCESS. Because two rooms cannot accommodate 250 HID students, access will be limited to those HID students with 60 credit hours or more. These are the students whose work on theses and research projects is usually more demanding than the assignments of lower division students. If it later appears that we can handle more students, we will give more HID students access. Students with access may NOT bring guests.
  2. COMPUTER LAB, Room 213. There are 12 computers for your use. Please be sure they are turned off if you are the last to leave. A black and white laser printer is provided for class assignments only. Do not use it to print projects for clubs or other organizations. Remember to recycle any paper waste. DO NOT BRING ANY FOOD OR DRINK INTO THIS LAB!!!
  3. STUDY ROOM., Room 210. In addition to tables and chairs for solo or group study, this room has one computer and a projector for practicing Power Point or other media presentations. Projector bulbs cost $400 apiece, so PLEASE be sure the projector is turned off when you are not using it. As in the lab, if you are the last to leave the room, be sure the computer is turned off. Drinks are allowed in this room, and there is a small refrigerator to keep them cool, but NO food is allowed.
  4. DRINKING WATER. Do not drink water from the faucet in the bathroom. There is safe drinking water available in the small kitchen halfway down the hall. The tap has a black handle. If you bring bottled water, please use the recycling containers for the empty bottles.
  5. BATHROOM. There is one unisex bathroom on the hall. In case you will be freaked out if the next stall contains feet that face the opposite direction from yours, post the OCCUPIED sign on the outer door.
  6. GENERAL SECURITY. Access to the building after hours is through the door on the lower left of Yoakley hall. Outside doors are to remained CLOSED at all times. For the security of everyone inside, do NOT prop the door open.
  7. IF YOU ARE THE LAST TO LEAVE, make sure of the following:
    1. All electronics are turned off;
    2. The room is straight and neat;
    3. The lights are turned OFF;
    4. The air conditioners/heaters are left ON.
  8. RESPONSIBILITY. I am very proud to finally have a place HID students can call their own, and I assume all students who use the rooms will act responsibly. These are not party rooms. Should you observe someone who is not being responsible, speak to the individual first. If the behavior persists, report it to me at .
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