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Mathematics & Statistics

College of Arts & Sciences

Laboratory manual by S.P Ellner and J. Guckenheimer. [PDF]

Guidelines to Install R [YouTube, 3:00 minutes]

Installing R on Windows [YouTube, 3:19 minutes]

Installing R on Mac [YouTube, 2:02 minutes]

Installing RStudio [YouTube, 1:36 minutes]

Interactive Calculations [YouTube, 6:56 minutes]

Fitting a Linear Regression Model [YouTube, 9:07 minutes]

Vectors [YouTube, 9:40 minutes]

Matrices [YouTube, 15:51 minutes]

Iterations [YouTube, 14:55 minutes]

Matrix Algebra [YouTube, 9:25 minutes]

Functions [YouTube, 10:23 minutes]

Numerical Solutions of Differential Equations [YouTube, 14:55 minutes]

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