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Molecular Biology Core Facility

Quillen College of Medicine


See  "Lab-on-a-Chip" for sample specifications and details

The Agilent Bioanalyzer is a microfluidics-based platform for rapid analysis of DNA, RNA, and Protein.

How Does it Work?

Algilent Bioanalyzer

Bioanalyzer Process

How To Use the Bioanalyzer

A. Molecular Biology Core Facility Can Run Your Samples For You

  • Submit your samples, fill out user form  CLICK HERE for Agilent Order Form

  • Contact Core before 1st run to discuss sample submission

  • Core will run the samples, send you the data

  • Fee:  cost of chip plus labor

  • When possible the Core will run multiple investigator samples on same chip and divide cost accordingly

B. You May Run Your Own Samples

  • Lab must buy a box of chips/reagents from the MBCF


  • No additional fees

  • MBCF will train a dedicated user in that lab when the kit is purchased

Steps in a Bioanalyzer Analysis:

1. Prepare gel-dye mixture

       Enough for several chips

2. Prepare samples

      DNA samples no prep

      RNA samples heat at 70C

      Protein samples heat at 95C

3. Load chip with gel-dye mixture

      Prime chip

4. Load samples/ladder on chip


      Loading buffer

5. Internal control marker

6. Place chip in Bioanalyzer and hit Start

7. Come back in 30 minutes for your data

RNA Integrity Number (RIN):

Fee Schedule:Agilent Bioanalyzer Kits are discounted 5% off list price when ordered through the MBCF!

The following kits are kept in the Core Facility for user submission. Contact us for details.

RNA NANO:    MBCF run:  $38.00/chip 

DNA1000:        MBCF run: $32.00/chip

High Sensitivity DNA:   MBCF run: $55.00/chip

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