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Molecular Biology Core Facility

Quillen College of Medicine


The Agilent™ 2100 Bioanalyzer as well as the Agilent™ 2200 Tapestation for high-throughput are microfluidics-based platform for rapid analysis of DNA, RNA, and Protein.

The Bioanalyzer RNA kits allow dependable and precise integrity checks and sample quantitation prior to any RNA-dependent application. This ensures the data from downstream research processes, such as gene expression microarray, qPCR, and transcriptome sequencing, are valid and reliable.

Besides sample quality control of next-generation sequencing (NGS) libraries, additional research applications for the Bioanalyzer DNA assays include PCR amplicon analysis, multiplex PCR amplicons, gene expression analysis by RT-PCR, restriction fragment analysis, and the detection of targeted cleavage in gene editing studies.
See  "Lab-on-a-Chip" for sample specifications and details 

How Does it Work?

Algilent Bioanalyzer

Bioanalyzer Process


 Molecular Biology Core Facility Can Run Your Samples For You

  • Submit your samples, fill out user form  CLICK HERE for Agilent Order Form

  • Contact Core before 1st run to discuss sample submission

  • Core will run the samples, send you the data 


RNA Integrity Number (RIN):


  The following are kept in the Core Facility for user submission:

   RNA NANO chip kit:  $40.00/chip

   DNA1000 chip kit:  $40.00/chip

   TAPESTATION DNA D1000 kit (high throughput):  price varies based on sample number




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