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College of Public Health

Multivariate analyses of social-behavioral factors with health insurance coverage among Asian Americans in California
Quantitative Finance and Economics
Nianshuo Wang, Ifeoma Ozodiegwu, Shaoqing Gong, Kesheng Wang, Xin Xie

A Conceptual Orientation to Public Health Teaching
Teaching Public Health
Robert Pack, Randy Wykoff

Changes in patterns of the double burden of undernutrition and overnutrition in Nepal over time
Obesity Reviews
Junxiang Wei, Ashok Bhurtyal, Raja Ram Dhungana, Basudev Bhattarai, Jinge Zheng, Liang Wang, Xiaomin Sun, Mahesh Maskey, Youfa Wang

Barriers to Healthy Eating Among High School Youth in Rural Southern Appalachia
Journal of Appalachian Health
Jodi Southerland, Taylor Dula, Deborah Slawson

Social Media Use Among Nonprofit Organizations in Rural Appalachia
Journal of Appalachian Health
McKenzie Liegel, Jodi Southerland, Katie Baker

Using Mini-Grants to Build Multi-Sector Partnerships in Rural Tennessee
Journal of Appalachian Health
Ginny Kidwell, Kristine Bowers, Taylor Dula, Randolph Wykoff

Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) on Adult Alcohol Consumption Behaviors.
Child Abuse and Neglect
Elaine Loudermilk, Kevin Loudermilk, Julie Obenauer, Megan Quinn

Prevalence and Risk Factors for Adolescent Obesity in Tennessee Using the Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) Data: An Analysis Using Stratified Hierarchical Logistic Regression
International Journal of High Risk Behaviors and Addiction 
Shimin Zheng, Nicole Holt, Sheryl Strasser, Casey Morrell, Megan Quinn

Methods for Understanding Childhood Trauma: Modifying the Adverse Childhood Experiences International Questionnaire for Cultural Competency.
International Journal of Public Health
Megan Quinn, Gabrielle Caldara, Collins, K., Owens, H., Ozodiegwu, I., Loudermilk, E., Stinson,

The impact of trauma on the onset of mental health symptoms, aggression, and criminal behavior in an inpatient psychiatric sample.
Child Abuse & Neglect
Jill Stinson, Megan Quinn, Jill Levenson

Quantifying Collaboration using Himmelman's Strategies for Working Together: Findings from the Tennessee Coordinated School Health Program.
Health Education
Megan Quinn, Jodi Southerland, Kasie Richards, Deborah Slawson, Bruce Behringer, Rebecca Johns-Wommack, Sara Smith. 

Prospective study of dual use of e-cigarettes and other tobacco products among school-going youth in rural Appalachian Tennessee
Annals of Thoracic Medicine
Hadii M Mamudu, Liang Wang, Daniel Owusu, Crystal Robertson, Candice Collins, Mary A Littleton

The Usage and Associated Factors of Alternative Tobacco Products among School-going Youth in Central Appalachia
Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved
Daniel Owusu, Hadii M. Mamudu, Candice Collins, Crystal Robertson, Liang Wang, Rafie Boghozian, and Mary Ann Littleton

Merging organizational cultures in healthcare: Lessons from the USA in differentiation among tiers in a health system merger
International Journal of Healthcare Management
Colin Chesley

Health Disparities Related to Opioid Misuse in Appalachia
Health Disparities Related to Obesity in Appalachia
Health Disparities Related to Smoking in Appalachia
Creating a Culture of Health in Appalachia: Disparities and Bright Spots
ETSU Contributors: Kate Beatty, Nathan Hale, Rob Pack, Stephanie Mathis, Bill Brooks, Angela
Hagaman, Sam Pettyjohn

Hepatitis C Virus Screening In Federally Qualified Health Centers in Rural Appalachia
Healthcare Research and Public Safety Journal
Folawiyo Olanrewaju , Patricia Vanhook, Stacey McKenzie, Ayotola Falodun, Anthony Peluso, Jawla Muhammed, Enaholo Omoike 

Intention to Try Tobacco Among Middle School Students in a Predominantly Rural Environment of Central Appalachia
Substance Use & Misuse
Daniel Owusu, Hadii M. Mamudu, Crystal Robertson, Liang Wang, Holdon Guy, Candice Collins, Rafie Boghozian, Mary A. Littleton

Suppressed hepatocyte proliferation via a ROS-HNE-P21 pathway is associated with nicotine- and cotinine-enhanced alcoholic fatty liver in mice
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
Xue Chen, Kesheng Wang, Arthur Cederbaum, Yongke Lu

The influence of immigrant generation on obesity among Asian Americans in California from 2013 to 2014
Shaoqing Gong, Kesheng Wang, Ying Li, Arsham Alamian

An inhibitory compound produced by a soil isolate of Rhodococcus has strong activity against the veterinary pathogen R. equi
Amber L. Ward, Pushpavathi Reddyvari, Ralitsa Borisova, Abbas G. Shilabin, Bert C. Lampson

The influence of maternal body mass index and physical activity on select cardiovascular risk factors of preadolescent Hispanic children
Basil A. Alhassan, Ying Liu, Deborah Slawson, Jonathan Peterson, Jo-Ann Marrs, William Clark, Arsham Alamian​

The sex specific effect of alcohol consumption on circulating levels of CTRP3 
Ashley R. DeGroat, Christina K. Fleming, Samantha M. Dunlay, Kendra L. Hagood, Jonathan P. Moorman, Jonathan M. Peterson

Almost everything we need to better serve children of the opioid crisis we learned in the 80s and 90s.  Frontiers in Public Health
Kimberly Horn, Robert Pack, Robert Trestman, Gerard Lawson  

The associated risk factors for coronary artery calcium in asymptomatic individuals with and without diabetes in rural Central Appalachia.
Journal of Diabetes and Its Complications
Hadii Mamudu, Pooja Subedi, Timir Paul, Ali Alamin, Arsham Alamian, Liang Wang, David Stewart, Antwan Jones, Sam Harirforoosh, Gerald Blackwell, Matthew Budoff

A Dissemination and Implementation Science Approach to the Epidemic of Opioid Use Disorder in the United States.  
Current HIV/AIDS Reports
Stephanie Mathis, Nicholas Hagemeier, Angela Hagaman, John Dreyzehner, Robert Pack

The 12 P's of the Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic
American Journal of Public Health
Randy Wykoff, Rob Pack, Olivia Egen

Gender differences in the association of periodontitis and type 2 diabetes
International Dental Journal
Ying Liu, Yang Yu, Jeffrey C. Nickel, Laura R. Iwasaki, Peipei Duan, Melanie Simmer‐Beck, Laura Brown

Hazardous Waste
Occupational and Environmental Health
Ken Silver, Gary A. Davis, Denny Dobbin

Geographic differences in obesity prevalence and its risk factors among Asian Americans: findings from the 2013–2014 California Health Interview Survey
Scientific Reports
Shaoqing Gong, Kesheng Wang, Ying Li, Arsham Alamian

Assessing Heat-Related Mortality Risks among Rural Populations: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Epidemiological Evidence
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Emmanuel Odame, Ying Li, Shimin Zheng, Ambarish Vaidyanathan, Ken Silver

The Intersection of Residence, Community Vulnerability, and Premature Mortality. 
Journal of Rural Health
Nathan Hale, Kate Beatty, Michael Smith

Use of Highly Effective Reversible Contraception in Title X Clinics: Variation by Selected State Characteristics. 
Women's Health Issues. 
Nathan Hale, Amal Khoury, Michael Smith

New Algorithm for the Prediction of Cardiovascular Risk in Symptomatic Adults with Stable Chest Pain
Current Cardiology Reports
Muralidhar Papireddy, Carl Lavie, Abhizith Deoker, Hadii Mamudu, Timir Paul

Neglected environmental health impacts of China's supply-side structural reform
Environmental International
Wei Zhang, Lei Zhang, Ying Li, Yuling Tian, Xiaoran Li, Xue Zhang, Arthur Mol, David Sonnenfeld, Jianguo Liu, Zeyu Ping, Long Chen

CYP2A6 is associated with obesity: studies in human samples and a high fat diet mouse model
International Journal of Obesity
Kesheng Wang, Xue Chen, Stephen Ward, Ying Liu, Youssoufou Ouedraogo, Chun Xu, Arthur Cederbaum, Yongke Lu

Evaluation of a multi-layered health promotion approach in rural China
Global Health Promotion
Xiangyang Tian, Liping Yan, Genming Zhao, Liang Wang, Yulan Cheng, Yong Lu, Jodi Southerland 

The adipokine C1q TNF related protein 3 (CTRP3) is elevated in the breast milk of obese mothers
Megan R. Kwon, Eileen Cress, W. Andrew Clark, Arsham Alamian, Yongke Lu, and Jonathan M. Peterson

Evaluation of a multi-layered health promotion approach in rural China
Global Health Promotion
Xiangyang Tian, Liping Yan, Genming Zhao, Liang Wang, Yulan Cheng, Yong Lu, Jodi Southerland

Projecting future climate change impacts on heat-related mortality in large urban areas in China
Environmental Research
Ying Li, Ting Ren,Patrick L.Kinney, Andrew Joyner, Wei Zhang

Content analysis of Twitter chatter about indoor tanning
Translational Behavioral Medicine
Molly E. Waring, Katie Baker, Anthony Peluso, Christine N. May, Sherry L Pagoto

Putting the Patient Back in Health Care: Health Decision-Making from the Patient’s Perspective
The Qualitative Report
Bill Garris, Amy Weber

Impact of Culture-Independent Diagnostic Testing on Recovery of Enteric Bacterial Infections
Clinical Infectious Diseases
Aamer Imdad, Fiona Retzer, Linda S. Thomas, Marcy McMillian, Katie Garman, Peter F. Rebeiro, Stephen A. Deppen, John R. Dunn, Amy M. Woron

Applying ExpandNet's Systematic Approach to Scaling Up in an Integrated Population, Health and Environment Project in East Africa
The Journal of the Social Sciences
Antony Omimo, Dorah Taranta, Laura Ghiron, Charles Kabiswa, Sono Aibe, Millicent Kodande, Caroline Nalwoga, Samuel Mugayam, Pamela Onduso

Progressive Massive Fibrosis in Coal Miners From 3 Clinics in Virginia
The Journal of the American Medical Association
David Blackley, Laura Reynolds, Connie Short, Ron Carson, Eileen Story, Cara Halldin, A. Scott Laney

Geographic and Individual Correlates of Subclinical Atherosclerosis in an Asymptomatic Rural Appalachian Population
The American Journal of the Medical Sciences
Hadii Mamudu, Antwan Jones, Timir Paul, Pooja Subedi, Liang Wang, Arsham Alamian, Ali Alamin, Gerald Blackwell, Matthew Budoff

Associations between general and central obesity and hypertension among children: The Childhood Obesity Study in China Mega-Cities.
Scientific Reports
Yaling Zhao, Liang Wang, Bo Xue, Youfa Wang

Fast food consumption and its associations with obesity and hypertension among children: results from the baseline data of the Childhood Obesity Study in China Mega-cities.
BMC Public Health
Yaling Zhao, Liang Wang, Hong Xue, Huijun Wang, Youfa Wang

Methods for understanding childhood trauma: modifying the adverse childhood experiences international questionnaire for cultural competency
International Journal of Public Health
Megan Quinn, Gabrielle Caldara, Kathleen Collins, Heather Owens, Ifeoma Ozodiegwu, Elaine Loudermilk, Jill Stinson

Case Studies of Community–Academic Partnerships Established Using the Give-Get Grid Model
Health Promotion Practice
Bruce Behringer, Jodi Southerland, Robert Plummer

Projecting the impact of a nationwide school plain water access intervention on childhood obesity: a cost-benefit analysis
Pediatric Obesity
Ruopeng An, Hong Xue, Liang Wang, Youfa Wang 

Comparing Urban and Rural Vulnerability to Heat-Related Mortality: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Journal of Global Epidemiology and Environmental Health
Ying Li, Emmanuel Odame, Ken Silver, Shimin Zheng

Analysis of PTPRK polymorphisms in association with risk and age at onset of Alzheimer's disease, cancer risk, and cholesterol
Journal of Psychiatric Research
Yang Chen, Chun Xu, Sam Harirforoosh, Xingguang Luo, Ke-Sheng Wang

Resources Management: Efficient Utilization of Blood Transfusion: Lessons from the Blood Bank
Tennessee Medicine E-Journal
Andrew Fletcher, Olivia Luzzi, Jennifer Hunt

Generalized linear mixed model analysis of urban-rural differences in social and behavioral factors for colorectal cancer screening
Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention
Kesheng Wang; Xuefeng Liu; Muyiwa Ategbole; Xin Xie; Ying Liu; Chun Xu; Changchun Xie; Zhanxin Sha

Diagnostic Value of Noninvasive Computed Tomography Perfusion Imaging and Coronary Computed Tomography Angiography for Assessing Hemodynamically Significant Native Coronary Artery Lesions
The American Journal of Medical Sciences
Pooja Sethi, Hemang B. Panchal, Sreenivas P. Veeranki, Zia Ur Rahman, Hadii Mamudu, Timir K. Paul

The Pseudomonas aeruginosa Two-Component Regulator AlgR Directly Activates rsmA Expression in a Phosphorylation-Independent Manner
Journal of Bacteriology
Sean Stacey, Danielle Williams, Chris Pritchett

Genome-wide significant, replicated and functional risk variants for Alzheimer's disease
Journal of Neural Transmission
Xiaoyun Guo, Wenying Qiu, Rolando Garcia-Milian, Xiandong Lin, Yong Zhang, Yuping Cao, Yunlong Tan, Zhiren Wang, Jing Shi, Jijun Wang, Dengtang Liu, Lisheng Song, Yifeng Xu, Xiaoping Wang, Na Liu, Tao Sun, Jianming Zheng, Justine Luo, Huihao Zhang, Jianying Xu, Longli Kang, Chao Ma, Kesheng Wang, Xingguang Luo

Bone mineral density reference standards for Chinese children aged 3-18: cross-sectional results of the 2013-2015 China Child and Adolescent Cardiovascular Health (CCACH) Study.  
BMJ Open
Junting Liu, Liang Wang, Jinghui Sun, Gongshu Liu, Weili Yan, Bo Xi, Feng Xiong, Wenqing Ding, Guimin Huang, Steven Heymsfield, Jie Mi

Tomato Workers' Health and Safety: A Guide for Health Care Providers 
Migrant Clinicians Network (2017)
Rachel Kelley, Karin Hoffman, Mario Lara, Ken Silver

Special supplement on farm worker health [“Report back” to the community on the Migrant Section of ETSU’s Rural Track class]
El Nuevo Tennessean (2017)
Ken Silver

Independent influences of excessive body weight and elevated blood pressure from childhood on left ventricular geometric remodeling in adulthood.
International Journal of Cardiology
Yinkun Yan, Junting Liu, Liang Wang, Dongqing Hou, Xioayuan Zhao, Hong Cheng, Jie Mi

C1q/TNF-Related Protein 3 (CTRP3) Function and Regulation
Comprehensive Physiology
Ying Li, Gary Wright, Jonathan Peterson

Can incentives reduce the barriers to use of antenatal care and delivery services in Kenya?
Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved
Eleanor Fleming, Joanna Gaines, Katherine O’Connor, Judith Ogutu, Nancy Atieno, Salimah Atieno, Mary L. Kamb, Robert Quick

Association between Chinese cooking oil fumes and sleep quality among a middle-aged Chinese population
Environmental Pollution
Fu Wei, Guanghui Nie, Bo Zhou, Liang Wang, Yifei Ma, Suwan Peng, Songfeng Ou, Jian Qin, Li'e Zhang, Shu Li, Ruosi Zou, Xiaoyun Zeng, Zhiyong Zhang, Yunfeng Zou

An association of health behaviors with depression and metabolic risks: Data from 2007 to 2014 U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.
Journal of Affective Disorders
Ying Liu, Ifeoma Ozodiegwu, Yang Yu, Rick Hess, Ronghai Bie

Economic evaluation of health benefits of mercury emission controls for China and the neighboring countries in East Asia
Energy Policy
Wei Zhang, Gengchong Zhen, Long Chen, Huanhuan Wang, Ying Li, Xuejie Ye, Yindong Tong, Yan Zhu, Xuejun Wang

In utero exposure to atrazine analytes and early menarche in the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children Cohort
Environmental Research
Gonza Namulanda, Ethel Taylor, Mildred Maisonet, Dana Boyd Barr, W. Dana Flanders, David Olson, Judith R. Qualters, John Vena, Kate Northstone, Luke Naeher

African American prostate cancer survivorship: Exploring the role of social support in quality of life after radical prostatectomy
Journal of Psychosocial Oncology
Kellie R. Imm, Faustine Williams, Ashley J. Housten, Graham A. Colditz, Bettina F. Drake, Keon L. Gilbert, Lin Yang

Development of Multiple Regression Models to Predict Sources of Fecal Pollution
Water Environment Research
Kimberlee K. Hall and Phillip R. Scheuerman

Association Between Multiple Modifiable Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Disease and Hypertension among Asymptomatic Patients in Central Appalachia
Southern Medical Journal
Hadii Mamudu, Timir Paul, Liang Wang, Sreenivas Veeranki, Hemang Panchal, Arsham Alamian, Matthew Budoff

Breastfeeding Reduces Childhood Obesity Risks
Childhood Obesity
Liang Wang, Candice Collis, Melanie Ratliff, Bin Xie, and Youfa Wang

Genetic association analysis of polymorphisms in PSD3 gene with obesity, type 2 diabetes, and HDL cholesterol
Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice 
Shaoqing Gong, Chun Xu, Liang Wang, Ying Liu, Daniel Owusu, Beth A. Bailey, Yujing Li, Kesheng Wang

Meditation and blood pressure: a meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials
Journal of Hypertension
Lu Shi, Donglan Zhang, Liang Wang, Junyang Zhuang, Rebecca Cook, Liwei Chen

Sleep duration and smoking are associated with coronary heart disease among US adults with type 2 diabetes: Gender differences
Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice
Lixin Li, Shaoqing Gong, Chun Xu, Joseph Yi Zhou, Ke-Sheng Wang

The effects of rurality on substance use disorder diagnosis: A multiple-groups latent class analysis
Addictive Behaviors: An International Journal
Billy Brooks, Matthew McBee, Robert Pack, Arsham Alamian

The Future of Appalachia: Health
Now and Then: The Appalachian Magazine
Randy Wykoff, Olivia Egen

Resurgence of Progressive Massive Fibrosis in Coal Miners — Eastern Kentucky, 2016
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR)
David Blackley, James B. Crum, Cara N. Halldin, Eileen Storey, A. Scott Laney

Physician role in physical activity for African-American males undergoing radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer
Springer Nature
Faustine Williams, Kellie Imm, Graham Colditz, Ashley Housten, Lin Yang, Keon Gilbert, Bettina Drake

Associations of lifestyle factors (smoking, alcohol consumption, diet and physical activity) with type 2 diabetes among American adults from National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2005–2014
Journal of Diabetes
Ying Liu, Kesheng Wang, Mildred Maisonet, Liang Wang, Shimin Zheng

Diminished Quality of Life Among Women Affected by Ebola
Journal of Social, Behavioral, and Health Sciences
Jessi Hanson, Alexis Decosimo, Megan Quinn

Health and Social Conditions of the Poorest Versus Wealthiest Counties in the United States.
American Journal of Public Health
Olivia Egen, Kate Beatty, Katie Brown, David Blackley, Randy Wykoff

Local Health Departments as Clinical Safety Net in Rural Communities
American Journal of Preventive Medicine
Nathan Hale, Tamar Klaiman, Kate Beatty, Michael B. Meit

A Review of the Growth of the Fast Food Industry in China and Its Potential Impact on Obesity.
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 
Youfa Wang, Liang Wang, Hong Xue, Weidong Qu

Polymorphisms in PDLIM5 gene are associated with alcohol dependence, type 2 diabetes, and hypertension.
Journal of Psychiatric Research
Daniel Owusu, Yue Pan, Changchun Xie, Sam Harirforoosh, Ke-Sheng Wang

New national data show alarming increase in obesity and noncommunicable chronic diseases in China.
European Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Youfa Wang, Liang Wang, Weidong Qu

Interprofessional Research, Training and Outreach: The ETSU Prescription Drug Abuse/Misuse Working Group
International Journal of Health Sciences Education
Robert Pack, Angela Hagaman, Sara Warfield, Jeffry Gray, Fred Tudiver

Initial Feasibility and Efficacy of an Interprofessional Education Pilot Program
International Journal of Health Sciences Education
Katie Baker, Kerry Proctor-Williams, L. Brian Cross, Elizabeth Alley, Michael Crouch

Integrating IPE into an Academic Health Sciences Center: A Bottom-Up and Top-Down Approach
International Journal of Health Sciences Education
Wilsie Bishop

Interprofessional education: it is more than a passing fad
International Journal of Health Sciences Education
Michael Crouch, Katie Baker

Infant sleep problems and childhood overweight: Effects of three definitions of sleep problems
Preventive Medicine Reports
Arsham Alamian, Liang Wang, Amber M. Hall, Melanie Pitts, Joseph Ikekwere

Novel carbon nanotube (CNT)-based ultrasensitive sensors for trace mercury(II) detection in water: A review
Science of The Total Environment
Lok R. Pokhrel, Nicholas Ettore, Zachary L. Jacobs, Asha Zarr, Mark H. Weir, Phillip R. Scheuerman, Sushil R. Kanel, Brajesh Dubey

In utero exposure to organochlorine pesticides and early menarche in the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children
Environment International
Gonza Namulanda, Mildred Maisonet, Ethel Taylor, W. Dana Flanders, David Olson, Andreas Sjodine, Judith R. Qualtersa, John Venaf, Kate Northstone, Luke Naehera

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