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Department of Public Safety

East Tennessee State University

Public Safety
ETSU Department of Public Service




1043 Jack Vest Dr.

423-439-4480/9-911 emergency



Mission and Enforcement

The East Tennessee State University Department of Public Safety is a professional law enforcement agency dedicated to the protection of East Tennessee State University and its diverse community. The Department has a force of twenty-one officers, seven dispatchers, and two security guards to serve the campus community. East Tennessee State University Police Officers are Commissioned Police Officers pursuant to TCA 49-7-118, TCA 38-3-103 and the Board of Trustees. Commissioned Public Safety Officers have all of the police powers necessary to enforce all state laws, as well as rules and regulations of the Board of Trustees. Campus Police Officers may exercise their authority on all property or facilities owned, leased, or operated by the Board of Trustees and the University, including any public roads or rights of way which are contiguous to or within the perimeter of such facilities or properties.

Mission of the Department

To Provide for the overall safety and security of the University community and its properties in order to maintain an environment as favorable to  academic excellence as possible. 


Through innovative thinking, team work, and goal setting, we are committed to delivering unparalleled service to our campus community, all its stakeholders and surrounding areas. We will always strive to be the safest campus in the country. We will continue to strengthen community relationships and public trust while striving for excellence through employee training and development, self-discipline, and strong leadership.

Value Statement

"We will always display integrity, service and fairness through our interactions with each other and the community we serve by recognizing and maintaining an ethical standard above reproach through open communication and by encouraging internal and external partnerships."


Strategy for Fulfilling Our Mission Through Our Core Values

Excellence- Providing exceptional service through strategic planning, high-level performance daily, and advancing preparedness in our diverse  environments.
Professionalism- Exemplifying trusted professional service with compassion and respect for all.
Integrity- Doing the right thing at all times and committed to being accountable for our actions or inaction's.                                                  Community- People centered approach rooted in serving others before self.


Vehicle Battery Boost

If your vehicle battery is dead, we can assist with hooking up a battery charging box to your vehicle battery

Vehicle Unlocking

If your keys have been locked in your car, we can assist in opening your vehicle

Finger Printing

Finger printing is available at the department on Tuesday's 9am-11am and on Wednesday's 1pm-3pm. No appointment necessary.

Lost & Found

The department will take items of value that are found. For those individuals turning in property, you will be asked to answer questions on the items that were found. Items not accepted are: flammables, perishable items (food), clothing, or trash


Ask a cop icon

ASK-A-COP page is your place to ask questions you would like answered. An ETSU Police Officer will review your questions and by email.

op ID

Operation Identification is a theft prevention program keeps
records of your personal propertys serial number
and a detailed description of the item.


Download the ETSU Safe App! Available for free through the App Store and Google Play. Click on the phone mobile phone icon for more details.

Buc It Report

Have you witnessed a crime?
You can report it by filling out the Bucs Report It form



Crime and Fire Statistics for
2017, 2018, and 2019
Includes information on the main Johnson City/VA site, as well as branch campuses located at Kingsport Allandale, Kingsport Downtown, Sevierville, Valleybrook, Nave Center, Asheville and Abingdon.

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