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Dean of Students

Student Affairs

Student Care

Student Care

ETSU takes seriously its responsibility to develop, monitor and maintain a campus environment that is safe and supportive for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. To this end, ETSU formed a Care Team that meets regularly discuss issues of care, evaluating and responding to behavior that is concerning. Our focus is on prevention and intervention efforts that support students, staff, and faculty.

The assistant dean of students and interim case manager in Student Affairs, along with the undergraduate and graduate student success specialists, also play a role in offering care to students. No matter which person or team responds to the needs that arise, a thorough review and response will occur. At times that review will necessitate an intervention effort, but for most situations it will mean that the student is connected to resources and support through a helpful and kind process.

Our efforts to increase student care are designed to serve as an additional measure in ETSU's approach to live up to our mission and goals. Our goal is to create a culture of care in order to support proactive support responses within the University community for our students.

If you are concerned about a student, please submit a CARE report using the following link:

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