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Student Government Association

East Tennessee State University

Mission & Purpose

We're glad you are interested in learning more about the ETSU Student Government Association.

Purpose of the SGA

The purpose of the Student Government Association is:

  • To provide a means whereby members of the student body may express themselves effectively in the development and maintenance of the University programs which affect their intellectual, physical, social, economic, and spiritual welfare.
  • To assist in the coordination of activities and services for the benefit of the student body and the entire University.
  • To promote better understanding and cooperation between students, faculty, administration, and others.
Organizational Structure
The Student Government Association at ETSU is organized into three distinct branches of government: the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, and the Judicial Branch.
  •  The Executive Branch is composed of the President, who is the Chief Executive Officer of the student body, the Executive Vice President (EVP), who serves as President of the Student Senate, the Vice President for Finance and Administration (VPFA), and eight members of the President's Cabinet.
  • The Legislative Branch is the main deliberative body of the Student Government Association. The Senate is composed of 30 elected/appointed Senators representing ETSU's colleges.
  • The Judicial Branch is comprised of the Student Court. The Student Court is led by a Chief Justice, who is a member of the President's Cabinet, along with several other associate justices.
Participating in the SGA

If you would like to participate in the SGA you can submit the online application form under the Forms link in the left hand navigation. .

Check which area or position you are interested in applying for or volunteering with.

You can view and explore the different branches of the SGA on the site.

You can learn more about the SGA by attending a weekly SGSA Senate meeting on Tuesdays at 4:00 p.m., or dropping by the SGA office (SORC, Basler CPA, 2nd floor) to speak with current members.

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