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Housing and Residence Life

Student Affairs

RA Selection Process
Selections are based on the application, experience, individual and group interviews, and feedback from residence hall staff, other campus personnel, and references.

Each application is reviewed to verify GPA, hours enrolled, semesters on campus, and Housing/University standing. Inaccurate applications are returned to the student, delaying our processing and notification about interviews. Applicants should realize that the application is our first impression of an RA candidate. Giving attention to the following tips can help prevent follow-ups and unnecessary delays:

  •  Answer every question fully and accurately
  •  Give all past employment, including any jobs during high school years, with current and correct phone numbers and addresses of employers and names of supervisors
  •  For personal references, give professors, academic and/or organization advisors, colleagues, coaches, and others who can attest to your work ethic, integrity, and leadership capabilities; current addresses and phone numbers are required for each person you give



The individual interview allows applicants to discuss their application and the RA position with a professional staff member, RD/ARD, and RA. In the group interview, applicants are observed by residence life staff as they work through and discuss group projects and situations with other applicants. Business casual clothes are appropriate dress for both interviews.
Interview tips:

  •  Research the position and Housing Department as thoroughly as you can in order to become familiar with its mission and residence life programs
  •  Become familiar with residence life policies and procedures
  •  Work with your current RA/ARD/RD to help you prepare for the interview
  •  Be mindful that during the group interviews, facilitators are evaluating applicants on their professional conduct, judgment, communication skills, and ability to work together, not how well they compete against each other
  •  Anticipate some of the questions you might be asked and prepare for how you will respond
  •  Verify the date and time of your interview and be on time


Current and/or past employers and personal references are contacted for reference checks.


Feedback from Staff:
Current staff members are asked to give feedback on applicants they know from student organizations, classes, or other interactions in the residence halls/apartments, campus, and/or community.


The Associate Director of Residence Life, Area Coordinators, and Apartments Manager  meet to review each application, references, interview evaluations, and staff feedback. Applicants are ranked based on observations and information related to their personal development, maturity, knowledge of the campus, interpersonal skills, confidence, and if they are receptive to training and feedback.


Decision letters are emailed to applicants. Those selected to fill current openings will be notified that we want to offer them a position. Building and room assignments may be sent at a later time.


We normally do not have enough openings for all the applicants we want to hire. When this happens, some applicants will be placed on an alternate list. Applicants on the alternate list can be contacted at any time to fill an opening.

Because everyone is not a good fit for the RA position, some applicants will not receive a positive response to their application. They may, however, reapply at a later time.

To encourage personal growth, all applicants can receive feedback on their interview by requesting an appointment with the Associate Director of Residence Life.

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