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ID Services - Frequently Asked Questions

ID Card Questions 

How do I get my ETSU ID card?

New/First-time student: You will first need to register for classes. Once you have registered, bring a copy of your class schedule to our office to have your photo taken for your ID card. There is no charge for the first card that you receive.

Returning students: Depending on the length of time you are away from ETSU, you may or may not need to purchase a replacement. Please contact us about getting a new ID card. If you still have your ID card from last time, it will reactivate when the semester you are registered for begins. 

Visiting Scholar/Departmental Guest: Guest/Visiting Scholar cards can only be made by request of your department. Guest cards are $5. Departments: Please email with the following:

  • The name of the person the card is being requested for. (Please note: Names on ID cards cannot be edited.)
  • The card label (i.e. Visiting Scholar, Guest, Housing Spouse, etc.)
  • Department Index number to charge the fee to or state that the cardholder will pay the $5 fee.
What is an ETSU ID badge

ID Badges are printed vertical, have no magnetic capability, and are used to wear for identification purposes. Because badges cannot be scanned to activate campus features, we will punch a hole to use a badge clip or lanyard with it.

I am an online student, how do I get my ID card?

If you are taking classes online and are not local to ETSU’s main campus (i.e. outside of the Tri-Cities.) please email the following information to

Your name, E Number, and address to send the card to.
A head-shot photo of yourself standing in front of a solid colored wall.
NOTE: We cannot accept any images that are trademarked. 

How do I get an ETSU ID badge?

ID Badges are printed only by department request only. Each badge is $5. Departments or supervisors will need to email a request to with the following:

The name of the person the badge is to be issued to with the way the name is to be printed.
Badge information. Most badges have rooms for two lines of information. (e.g. Most common is the badge wearer’s title and the department name.)
Department Index number to charge the fee to or state that the cardholder will pay the $5 fee.
Please note: In the event a badge is lost/stolen/damaged, the cost for a replacement is $16.43.  

I am a nursing student and need my ID badge for clinicals, how do I get my badge?

The cost of your first badge is $5. In the event you are taking classes online and are not local to ETSU’s main campus (i.e. outside of the Tri-Cities.) please email the following information to

Your name, E Number, and the address to send the card to.
A head-shot photo of yourself standing in front of a solid colored wall. 
Send a check made to "ETSU" to the following address:
ETSU Campus ID Services
P.O. Box 70611
Johnson City, TN 37614

Once payment has been received, we will print your ID badge and send it to you.

What are the three door locking systems in use on campus?
  • Key System – This door lock and key system is managed by the Key Control Shop in the Physical Plant on campus. Please contact them for more information.
  • CBORD – This system of networked, on-lin electronic exterior door locks uses the student ID card to gain access to the door. The locks are programmed and managed through a campus network computer system by Campus ID Services and Department of Housing and Residence Life. These types of locks are easily recognized by the fact that they are accessed by a spate card reader placed on the wall near the door.

    Access to these locks is granted only after it has been specifically requested and authorized with the appropriate Dean or Director. These forms are available online here at Campus ID Services website.
  • Onity – This system of stand-alone, electronic interior door locks uses the student ID card to gain access to the door. These locks are individually programmed to accept certain encoding on individual ID cards. These types of locks are easily recognized by the fact that they require the insertion of the card into the actual door handle mechanism. These are similar to the locks commonly found in hotels or motels.

    Each card that needs Onity coding must be encoded at the Campus ID System Office or Campus Housing. This encoding is done only after it has been specifically requested and authorized with the appropriate Dean/Director or campus Department of Housing official. Forms to request access to academic doors are here on Campus ID Services website.
I need access on my card, what do I need to do?

First, you need to know what type of card reader you are requesting access for. You will then need to appropriate form here on our website to have the Dean/Director or an approved access signer sign for the lock you are requesting access for.

In the event you are requesting access to an Onity lock and are not living on campus, you will need to visit Campus ID Services to have your card encoded.

How do I take care of my ID card?

Treat your card as you would cash or any other valuable possession. Protect the magnetic stripe; some devices such as strong magnetic devices can erase it. Do not iron or otherwise expose the card to excessive heart. Do not punch holes in the card for use with key chains or necklaces; this is considered defacing the card. We also ask that you do not use any tape or stickers on the card; this can damage the card readers around campus.

What if my picture is too faded or my card won’t swipe anymore?

If your card is worn out, or will not swipe anymore, and there are no holes punched in the card or other preventive damage done to the card, bring your ID card by our office for a free replacement.

I lost my ID, how much is a new ID card?

There is a replacement fee of $16.43 for lost or damaged ID cards and ID badges.

What if I find my old card after having a new one made? Can I use it?

Only your most recent ID card will work. Once a new card is made, the system deactivates your old ID card and it can never be turned back on again.

I don't like my picture; can I have another one made?

If your card is in good condition, and you are just wanting a new picture on your card, a replacement fee of $16.43 will be charged in order to have a card with a new picture. If you are replacing a card and want a new picture taken, there is no additional fee for the new photo.

What do I do if I have lost my ID card?

If you have lost your card, please report it lost to either Campus ID Services, Public Safety, or going through your online ID account here.

Can I have a duplicate ID card made?

No. The ID card system only recognizes one ID card at a time.

How do I get access to the CPA?

Currently registered students – Your ID is automatically activated for the CPA at the beginning of each semester.

SDPD members – Memberships for Spouses, Domestic Partners, and Dependents of ETSU affiliate members can be purchased at the CPA. Once your membership has been processed, you will be given a blue form and your receipt to bring to our office to receive your SDPD Program card. Both papers are required to print your ID card.

I have a person working in my department who does not have an E number, but they need an ID card. How can they get one?

We will generate them a number known as a G# in order to make them an ID card. The guest card is $5 to print and generate the number. Please email  with the following information:

  • The person's name.
  • Status of the person (i.e. guest, visiting scholar, etc.).
  • Index number to charge to department or state the person receiving the card is to pay the fee.
  • How long the card is needed to be active. 
I have run out of print credits and need to add more. How do I do that?

You will need to add money onto your ID BUC$. Once your print funds have run out, the computer will the turn to look for funds available in your ID BUC$ account. Any funds added to your ID BUC$ will not expire. 


What is ID BUC$?
ID BUC$ is a debit card system on campus. Your ID BUC$ account is already added to your ID card, it’s just at a balance of $0. There is no fee to use the card or the funds connected to it. Your ID BUC$ never expire! Using your ID BUC$ allows you the convenience of not having to carry additional cards or cash on campus! You can use it at many locations on-and-off campus!
Where can I use my ID BUC$?

You can use your ID BUC$ at the below on-campus locations:

  • University Bookstore
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Bursar's Office
  • Snack Vending Machines
  • Coke Machines
  • Marketplace
  • Atrium Food Court
  • The Buc Mart
  • Tree House Takeout
  • The Cave - Starbucks
  • BUC-Stop C-Store
  • Einstein's Bagels
  • CPA Juice Bar - Freshens
  • Theatre Office-Tickets
  • Parking Office
  • Athletic Tickets
  • Campus Post Office
  • Library Services
  • Campus Recreation
  • May Local Participating off-campus merchants!!!
Who can participate and how?

All students, faculty and staff enrolled or employed at East Tennessee State University are eligible to participate in the ID BUC$ program. The money is added onto your ETSU ID card, so no additional cards are needed.

Faculty & Staff have the opportunity to sign-up for payroll deduction. This allows a selected amount to be automatically added to their ID BUC$ account each month.

How can I make a deposit to ID BUC$?

Deposits to your ID BUC$ account can be made either online, using the GET system, mail, or in person by coming to the Campus ID Services office. There is a $2.00 transaction fee when deposits are made online.

NOTE: Per University policy, we are unable to accept phone deposits anymore. We apologize for the inconvenience.

What is the difference between ID BUC$ and what I have with a credit card?

With a credit card, you can charge the expenses and then must pay for them later. This requires careful advanced planning and responsible management of the expenditures not to exceed your budget. With the ID BUC$ debit account, you place only the funds you can afford into the account and then spend them as you wish. There is no danger of overspending and getting in debt – no surprises at the end of the month!

Can I withdraw money from my ID BUC$?

No. Due to federal regulations, we are unable to perform many functions you would at a bank. For this reason, once your money is deposited onto the card, there is no cash given back.

If you graduate or leave the university and have a large balance remaining on your ID BUC$, you may fill out this form to have a check processed and sent to you.

For other unique situations, please talk to the staff at Campus ID Services.

I am graduating or leaving the university and have an ID BUC$ balance on my card, how do I get my money back?

If you have a large amount remaining in your ID BUC$, please print this form and turn it into our office. Once we process the form in our office, a check will be sent to you in 10-15 business days.

How is ID BUC$ different from Dining Dollars or Flex Dollars?

ID BUC$ can be used on campus at all the food service locations, as well as vending and laundry machines, various offices on campus to pay fees, and off-campus locations. Your ID BUC$ will never expire as long as you are here at the university. There are no pre-loaded amounts, and a deposit must be made to use your ID BUC$

Dining Dollars/Flex Dollars come pre-loaded onto your ID card with the purchase of a meal plan. These funds are reloaded each semester with the specified amount when the meal plan is purchased. Dining Dollars and Flex Dollars roll over from fall to spring semesters, but they will expire at the end of the spring semester.

How do I make a deposit onto my Dining Dollars?

You may deposit money online here as if you would your ID BUC$. Just make sure you select Dining Dollars before you click ‘submit’. You may also visit our office to deposit to as well. Please note: Any Dining Dollars remaining on your card at the end of the spring semester will expire once the semester ends.

I am a Faculty/Staff member and want to have a part of my payroll transferred to my ID BUC$ every month, how can I do that?

Please fill out this form and submit it to our office. If you submit your payroll deduction request before the 14th of the month, the amount requested will be taken from your paycheck and added to your ID card that month. If it is submitted after the 14th, it will not go into effect until the next month.

I am a local business owner and interested in accepting ID BUC$ at our location, how do I find out more information?

We partner with a company that works with our ID card system to provide this service to our students, faculty and staff as well as our local businesses. Please call us at (423) 439-8316 or email at We will need the following information to forward to them:

  • Business Owner’s name
  • The name of the business
  • Phone number
  • Email Address


Have a question that isn't answered here? Email us your question to .

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