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Financial Aid Options

In Goldlink you have the option of selecting to have a portion of your Financial Aid Award Refund deposited directly to your campus debit account. These funds may then be accessed through your student ID card. This Financial Aid refund is processed after all University fees (i.e. tuition, housing, and other fees) are paid. After all fees are deducted from your award, you may select from the remaining amount to be refunded, how much you wish to transfer to your ID BUC$ from the drop down menu in Goldlink. All remaining funds, after your ID BUC$ deposit, will be electronically transferred to your designated bank account.


Dates GoldLink can accept Financial Aid transfers to ID BUC$:

***Fall 2018***
Transfer through August 20th

After the last day, all ID BUC$ Financial Aid transfer requests must be made at the Bursar's Office. Financial Aid funds are transferred to the student's ID BUC$ account after this time frame has closed.

To request Financial Aid to be transferred to ID BUC$: 

  • You must be registered and confirmed for at least 6 hours of classes through GoldLink.
  • You must have a minimum award of at least $100.

Go to: 

  1. GoldLink
  2. Select Student on the left column
  3. Account
  4. Partial Financial Refund to ID BUC$ Card

What is an ID BUC$ Debit Card?

Your Campus ID Card may also be used as a debit card (ID BUC$). ID BUC$ features a declining balance program that works exactly like using a credit card, ONLY IN REVERSE! The difference is that you deposit money in the account prior to spending it (much like a checking account).Upon receipt of your money, an account is set up for use with your identification card. The card reader will record the transaction and instantly display the remaining balance of your account. To make a purchase at any of the participating locations, simply swipe or present your Campus ID card to the cashier.

Your ID BUC$ account may be used to purchase textbooks and supplies, pay for fees and services all over campus, purchase food on and off campus, do your laundry, purchase gas, postal services, vending machines, and much more. 

The GET website can be accessed to make additional deposits to your account, allow others to deposit to your account from any location, check your balance at any time, and see a history of your transactions.

ID BUC$ DO NOT EXPIRE and roll over from one semester to another.
Be sure to read the ID BUC$ terms and conditions.

For more information on ID BUC$, please email us at .
Be sure to include your name and E # with your e-mail!

You may pick up a gift in the ID Services Office during the first two weeks of classes for selecting financial aid funds of $100 or more to be directly deposited to ID BUC$.

Just bring your printed receipt from Goldlink with you.

$100 or more choose one:

  • T-Shirt
  • Coffee Cup
  • Baseball Hat

$500 or more:

  • Gym Bag
  • Two $100 items
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