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Campus ID Services

Division of Student Life and Enrollment

Photo Upload

Upload ID Photos

Starting April 2018, incoming ETSU students will have the option to upload their photo for their ID card before attending New Student Orientation. To do this, students must sign up and register for a GET Account. For more information on how to sign up for GET, click here.

Photo Requirements

Approved Photos Must Be:

  • Forward facing the camera.
  • Must be pre-cropped, head-shot photo from the shoulders up. 
  • Standing in front of a solid-colored wall.
  • Photos taken by other people (non selfie-like).

approved photos


Photos will be rejected that contain any of the following:

  • Hats, funny faces, or gestures.
  • Multiple people other than the student. 
  • Poor quality/blurry.
  • Scenic backgrounds.
  • Selfies/Snapchat/Filtered/Face-filtered photos.
  • Copyright photos.

not approved photos

All photos must adhere to ETSU's ID photo regulations. Any photo submitted will be approved/denied as deemed necessary by Campus ID Services. 

If your photo is rejected, you will be notified by email along with the reasoning. We recommend that you try resubmitting another photo. If you have further questions as to why your photo was rejected, please email and please include your name, E#, and the photo you submitted.

Photo Upload is recommended for first-time photos only. If you upload a new photo and it is approved it does not mean you are guaranteed a new card. Unless the card is eligible for a free reprint due to natural wear and tear, ID replacements are subject to a replacement fee. 

To upload a photo, please follow the below steps:

Internet Browser

  1. Log into GET and select "Upload ID Photo" on the right.
  2. Select "Choose File" and select the photo you wish to use. 
  3. Once photo is chosen, review your photo and click "Upload."


  1. Click on the menu settings on the upper left side of the screen. get app settings
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Select "Change ID Photo."
  4. Click the camera image get app photo upload
  5. Select photo and crop according to requirements. 
  6. Select "Crop" when you are done.


Frequently Asked Questions About Photo Upload:

What if I can't upload my photo due to image size? 

If you upload a photo through the app, there should be a prompt for you to crop it. This is done as soon as you take/select a photo. Just drag the corners to as close to around your face as possible, while ensuring nothing is cut off. Doing this should help the photo's size lessen. 

If you are unable to crop through the app, please use your device's photo gallary to see edit options. Select crop from there and save the photo and proceed to the app to upload. 

If you are uploading your photo using the desktop and need to crop the image, Google has a crop feature through their photo storage service.  

Why is my photo denied?

There are a number of reasons why a photo can be denied. Please review the information on this page and follow the rules and regulations as stated. 

Can I upload a photo using a filter?

No. Photos need to not be edited our touched up before submitting. Color filters will be denied. 

Can I have a photo with a group of friends or a scenic background?

No. Photos must be a head-shot photo of yourself standing in front of a solid-colored wall. 

Can I upload my senior photos or other photos done by professional photographers?

No. Photos need to be taken yourself using your own device. Professional photos from senior photoshoots or other professional photoshoots will be denied. These type of photos come with a trademark and most often belong to the photographer and cannot be reproduced without their permission. 

Can you use my driver's license photo? 

No. Any and all photos submitted that belong to the DMV will be denied. 

I already have an ID with a photo on it, but I want to change it. Can I upload a photo?

No. Photo upload is to be used by those who are attending new-student orientation only. Once a photo has been submitted and a card has been printed, any and all photo changes need to be done at Campus ID Services. This GET feature is not monitored throughout the fall and spring semesters. 

I am a distance student and I uploaded an approved photo, but I have yet to receive my ID card. 

At the time of approval, we have no way of telling who is and is not attending an on-campus orietnation. If you are not attending classes on campus and need your ID mailed to you, please fill out this form and follow the directions. 

Please note: If you uploaded your photo online using GET, you can skip Step 1, section a. Email the form to . Once we receive it, we will then mail your card to you. 


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