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University School


AP Calculus AB

2020-2021 Syllabus

Teacher:  Ms. Tammy Dycus

Room:  306



Course Description:  AP Calculus AB is designed to cover the material normally covered in a university-level Calculus I course.  Students will be studying the broad topics of Limits, Derivatives, and Integrals at a rigorous, in-depth level.  Besides learning the material, we will be practicing for the AP Exam, which will be MAY 4, 2020.  The AP Exam is scored from 1-5 and may earn a Calculus I college credit for the student, depending on the required score for each individual college (3 is commonly accepted).  For a more detailed official course description, see:


Textbook:  Calculus: Graphical, Numerical, Algebraic; 4th Edition – AP Edition; Finney; Prentice Hall, 2012


Required Materials:  paper, pencils, Texas Instruments graphing calculator.  I will be using the TI-83 and/or TI-84 for instruction.  A graphing calculator is required for parts of the AP Exam (some of the exam does not allow calculator use).  Calculators that are allowed and not allowed for the exam are listed here:  If it is not allowed on the exam, I will not allow it to be used in class.  Also, if you choose to use a calculator other than a TI-83 or 84, you will be on your own as far as figuring out how to use it.


Make-up Work:  This is a university-level course.  You are expected to keep up with and be responsible for all missed work.  You will have one day to make up work for each day you are absent. 


Grading Policy:  Homework will be assigned and discussed in class, but not graded.  Grades will consist of Quizzes (approx. 25%), AP Practice Problems (approx. 25%), and Tests (approx. 50%).


Classroom Behavior:  Disruptions and excessive talking will not be tolerated.  Use of cell phones will result in the phone being taken up.  Making a high grade in this class and a high score on the AP Exam will require focus, determination, and hard work.  Your behavior must reflect this. 


Cell Phones:

All phones will be turned off and deposited into an assigned pocket in the front of the room as you come into class.  If your phone goes off during class, I will hang onto it until the end of the school day.  Please discuss with me if you have extenuating circumstances (such as a medical condition). 


Extra Help:  Math Lab – times will be announced soon.

The internet has excellent AP Calculus resources.  Here are some good ones:

This is a book, not a website, but it is outstanding:

I also highly recommend forming study groups among your classmates.


One last thing:  I have found that Calculus is often a shock to the system of students who have always found math rather easy and never had to work at it very hard.  It is quite an adjustment to learn how to study math, ask questions in class, and get extra help for the first time in your young lives!  Please do not be shocked if this is a bit of a challenge for you.  You will adjust and excel if you are willing to put in the work and ask for help when you need it!

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