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Division of Business and Finance

East Tennessee State University

Rule Class Class Title
BD01 Permanent Adopted Budget
BD02 Permanent Budget Adjustments
BD04 Temporary Budget Adjustment
BFR Budget Foundation Restricted
CA1 Student or Misc Charges
CA2 Student or Misc - APPL CHG - Diff
CA3 Student or Misc - APPL CHG - Like
CB1 Student or Misc Charges
CB2 Student or Misc - APPL CHG - Diff
CB3 Student or Misc - APPL CHG - Like
CDWI Federal Withholding on Cancel Check
CHS1 Banner Student Charges/Non-Cash Pay
CNEC Cancel Check - C/M w encumbrance
CNEI Cancel Check - Invoice w encumbrance
CNII Cancel Check Inventory Invoice
CNNC Cancel check - C/M w/o encumbrance
CNNI Cancel Check - Invoice w/o encumb
COAD Additional Charge on Change Order
CODS Discount on Change Order
CORD Establish Change Order
CR05 Cash Receipt Entry
CSS1 Banner Student - Cash Payments
CSS2 Banner Student Payment/Release Dep.
DA1 Student or Misc Deposits
DA2 Stu or Misc Deposits-APPL CHG-Diff
DA3 Stu or Misc Deposits-APPL CHG-Like
DB1 Student or Misc Deposits
DB2 Stu or Misc Deposits-APPL CHG-Diff
DB3 Stu or Misc Deposits-APPL CHG-Like
DDWI Record Federal Withholding on Check
DISN Disposal without depreciation
DISP Disposal of asset with depreciation
DISR Disposal: Sharing of revenue
DNEC Check - C/M w encumbrance
DNEI Check - Invoice w encumbrance
DNNC Check - C/M w/o encumbrance
DNNI Check - Invoice w/o encumb
E020 Encumbrance Adjustment
E032 Encumbrance Liquidation
E037 Encumbrance Liq. allow changes
E090 Year End Encumbrance Roll
E095 Commits a Encumbrance(prev. rolled)
E100 Original Encumbrance
E17 Encumbrance Adjustment Allow Change
FT01 Interfund Transfer
GLAS Change asset account for fixed asset
GLCE Change Cap. Fund/equity/asset
GLCF change cap fund for fixed asset.
GLEQ Change equity account
GLFE Change cap fund and equity account
GLRE Reverse old fund/equity/asset
GRIC Grant - Indirect Cost Charge
GRIR Grant - Indirect Cost Recovery
GRRV Grant - Accrued Revenue
HDEF Payroll - Deferred Pay
HDPA Payroll - Deferred Pay Accrual
HEEL Payroll - Employee Liability
HENA Payroll - Encumbrance Adjustment
HENC Payroll - Salary Encumbrance
HERL Payroll - Employer Liability
HGNL Payroll - Gross Exp. No Liquidation
HGRB Payroll - Gross Benefit Expense
HNET Payroll - Net Pay
ICEC Cancel Credit Memo w/ Encumbrance
ICEI Cancel Invoice with Encumbrance
ICEP Cancel Invoice with Encumbrance
ICII Cancel Inv w/G/L Account no Enc
ICNC Cancel Credit Memo w/o Encumbrance
ICNI Cancel Invoice without Encumbrance
INEC Credit Memo with Encumbrance
INEI Invoice with Encumbrance
INII Invoice w/G/L Account no Enc
INNC Credit Memo without Encumbrance
INNI Invoice without Encumbrance
J001 General Ledger Closing Journal
J020 Budget Carry Forward Journal
J099 Interfund Cash Transfer Entry
JBK Bank Adjustment JE
JE05 General Ledger Beginning Balance
JE10 Accounts Receivable Entry
JE15 General Journal Entry (Intra-Fund)
JE16 General Journal Entry (Inter-Fund)
JE25 Interchart Journal Entry
JE6 Fund Opening Balance Load
JER Error in Posting Repair
LMJE CLM Feed Journal Entry
MSC Miscellaneous
NOOP No operation
PA1 Student or Misc Payments
PA2 Student or Misc - APPL CHG-Diff
PA3 Student or Misc - APPL CHG-Like
PB1 Student or Misc Payments
PB2 Student or Misc - APPL CHG-Diff
PB3 Student or Misc - APPL CHG-Like
PCRD Cancel Purchase Order
PCRP Cancel Purchase Order in Prior Year
PJV Payroll Ded or ID Buc Payment
PLIB Purchase Card Liability
PMT1 Banner Payment - Misc. Form TFAMISC
POAD Additional Charge on Purchase Order
POAP Addl Chg on Purchase Order Prior YR
POBC Purchase Order Batch Close
POCL Purchase Order Close (FPAEOCD)
PODP Disc on Purchase Order Prior Year
PODS Discount on Purchase Order
POLQ Purchase Order-Request Liquidation
POPN Purchase Order Open (FPAEOCD)
PORD Establish Purchase Order
PROJ Project Encumbrance
RBTR Return rebate on cash receipt
RES1 Banner Student - Refunds
SCAO Capitalization of origination tags.
SCAP Subsequent capitalization for asset
WOFD Write-off with depreciation
WOFF Write-off without depreciation
WRID Write down with depreciation
WRIT Write adjustments(down or up)
X16 Gen Journal Entry (Gurfeed Only)
X25 Inter Chart Entry
XAC Alumni Cash Receipt
XGK Alumni Gifts in Kind
XPD Alumni Payroll Deductions
XST Alumni Stock Gifts
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