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College of Arts & Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Committees are listed below.

Additional information regarding the committees is found in the College Constitution.

Faculty Council

The College of Arts and Sciences shall have a Faculty Council to represent the faculty and to assist the Dean in the orderly management of the College. The Faculty Council shall serve as the Screening and Steering Committee of the Faculty for the consideration of all matters of academic policy. It shall have the responsibility to advise the Dean on all academic and budgetary matters. The Council shall maintain communication with all standing committees and ad hoc committees appointed by the Council.

Members of the Faculty Council for the 2018-2019 academic year are:
Yousif Elhindi (Literature and Language)
Isabel Gomez Sobrino (Literature and Language)
Rico Ignace (Physics and Astronomy)
Nicole Lewis (Mathematics and Statistics)
Matt McBee (Psychology)
Joe Moore (Music)
Sage Perrott (Art and Design)
Josh Reid (Literature and Language)
Melanie Richards (Media and Communication)
Tema Stauffer (Art and Design)
Jonathan Taylor (Theatre and Dance)
Christian Zembower (Music)

Council of Chairs

The Council of Chairs shall consist of the chair of every department and directors of Centers of Excellence of the College of Arts & Sciences or their designated representative. It shall also include a member from the Faculty Council.

Educational Affairs Committee

The Educational Affairs Committee shall maintain oversight of all policies concerning new courses, academic programs, curricular changes, or other educational affairs within the College and make recommendations to the Dean. The committee makes recommendations to the Dean regarding the candidate for the annual Jewell Friend Lecture.

Members of the Educational Affairs Committee for the 2018-2019 academic year are:
Mark Baumgartner (Literature and Language)
Robert Beeler (Mathematics and Statistics)
Lee Bidgood (Appalachian Studies)
Wesley Buerkle (Communication and Performance)
Eileen Ernenwein (Geosciences)
Stephanie Frye-Clark (Music)
Isabel Gomez Sobrino (Literature and Language)
Heather Killmeyer (Music)
Matthew Palmatier (Psychology)

Tenure and Promotion Committee

The Tenure and Promotion Committee reviews applications and serves to provide college recommendations in matters pertaining to faculty promotion and tenure. The committee makes recommendations directly to the Dean.

Members of the Tenure and Promotion Committee for the 2018-2019 academic year are: 
Jon Ellis (Psychology)
Bobby Funk (Theatre and Dance)
Robert Gardner (Mathematics and Statistics)
Jesse Graves (Literature and Language)
Keith Green (Philosophy and Humanities)
Chris Gregg (Geosciences)
Frank Hagelberg (Physics and Astronomy)
Mindy Herrin (Art & Design)
Leslie McCallister (Sociology & Anthropology)
Christian Zembower (Music)

Evaluation Committee for Non-instructional Assignments

The Evaluation Committee for NIAs reviews applications and makes recommendations for Non-instructional Assignments directly to the Dean.

Members of this committee for the 2018-2019 academic year are: 
Michele Joyner (Mathematics and Statistics)
Shara Lange (Media and Communication)
Robert Sawyer (Literature and Language)

Advisory Committee on Faculty Awards

The Faculty Awards Advisory Committee reviews nominations and makes recommendations for the annual Faculty Awards.

Members of this committee for the 2018-2019 academic year are:
Matthew Fehskens (Literature and Language)
David Harker (Philosophy and Humanities)

Esther Park (Music)
Chris Rush (Criminal Justice and Criminology)
Dane Scott (Chemistry)

Susan Waters (Media and Communication)

Basler Chair Selection Committee 

The committee reviews nominations and makes recommendation for the annual Basler Chair.

Members of the Basler Chair Selection Committee for the 2018-2019 academic year are:
Gerald Deehan (Psychology)
Eileen Ernenwein (Geosciences)
Anant Godbole (Mathematics and Statistics)
Katrina Heil (Literature and Language)
Scott Honeycutt (Literature and Language)
Dan Westover (Literature and Language)

Academic Dishonesty and Grade Appeal Committee

This committee reviews charges of Academic Dishonesty and Student Grade Appeals as described in university policy. The committee is formed on an as-needed basis.

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