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College of Arts & Sciences

In 1994, the Wayne G. Basler Chair of Excellence for the Integration of the Arts, Rhetoric, and Science was named in honor of an individual who has continuously supported the university over many years. This chair helps to bridge the gap in academia between the sciences, the arts, and the humanities disciplines.

Chairholders serve for one semester, or the equivalent, allowing a number of individuals from a variety of fields to participate over time. The primary duties of the chairholder are to teach two courses, typically one undergraduate and one graduate, and to present four public lectures/performances.


Department Term
Esther Park Music 2016-18
Robert Beeler Mathematics and Statistics 2016-18
Eileen Ernenwein Geosciences 2016-18
Aruna Kilaru Biology 2016-18
Anant Godbole Mathematics and Statistics 2017-19
Gerald Deehan Psychology 2017-19
 Katrina Heil Literature and Language 2017-19

Nominations are solicited from faculty during the spring semester; notification is distributed to the faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences via e-mail. A nomination should consist of a letter of nomination and the nominee's CV. The letter should justify the choice, with emphasis on how the individual would contribute to the interdisciplinary nature of the position, and should address
his/her public speaking and ability to interact with students. It will be assumed that the nominator has consulted with the individual and determined that he/she would be interested in the position, should it be offered.

2016 Dr. Jeff Todd Tipton 

2015 Dr. Lee Anne Wilson

2013 Mary Jane Jacob

2012 Dr. Thomas Schmick

2011 Dr. Jennings Bryant

2010 Dr. Molly Faries

2009 Dr. Phillip Rhodes

2008 Dr. Graham Leonard

2007 Ivars Peterson

2006 Dr. George Kampis

2005 Dr. Martin A. Hendry

2004 Mr. Mel Chin

2003 Mr. John Blake, Jr.

2002 Dr. John Shelton Reed

2001 Dr. Anne LaBastille

2000 Dr. George Gale

1999 Lia Alther

1999 Pat Cronin 

1998 Corame Richey Mann

1997 Gustavo Perez Firmat

1996 John Bowers

Karl Hasenstein

Dr. Liam Campbell 

Wayne G. Basler Chair of Excellence in the Arts, Rhetoric and Science 

Dr. Liam Campbell currently serves as “Built and Cultural Heritage Officer” for the Lough Neagh Landscape Partnership in Northern Ireland. His main area of research is the exploration of the history and heritage of place and space in the Irish landscape as a vital element of national heritage and identity.

Dr. Campbell believes that “landscape is the critical junction or intersection where matters of legal rights, economic forces, physical conditions, settlement, religious, ethnic and communal identity, power and imagination come together to provide the key narratives of experience”. Throughout his professional work as an academic, community relations officer, television producer, or priest, Dr. Campbell has worked to help communities tell that story; and believes that community engagement is an essential first step in creating living, vibrant, and sustainable landscapes and spaces.

Dr. Campbell attended National University of Ireland (B.D.), Queen’s University Belfast (M.Sc.), and University of Ulster (M.A. and PhD), where he has taught a range of history and research courses. Dr. Campbell is the recipient of numerous research grants, most recently those awarded by Northern Ireland’s Department of Culture, Arts and Learning, the Heritage Council, and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Heritage Lottery Fund.

During his tenure as Basler Chair, Dr. Campbell will present four interdisciplinary public lectures, including,

A Sense of Place - Ecology, Community and the Human Spirit.
Map-making, Landscape and Memory - A comparative measuring of America and Ireland
Nature and Culture in Ireland - the last wolf to the first eagle
An Ireland Post Brexit - between Europe and America


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