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Mathematics & Statistics

College of Arts & Sciences

Our students are doing amazing things!

  • Anthony Adams - BS Fall 2018

    Anthony graduated in Fall 2018 and is now a Government Pricing Pharmaceutical Analyst at Riparian in Johnson City.

  • Zachary Becker - BS Spring 2019

    Zach will be pursuing a Master’s degree in Business Analytics at the University of Tennessee upon graduation.

  • Ronnie Biddinger - BS Spring 2019

    Ronnie will be pursuing a Master’s degree in Business Analytics at the University of Tennessee upon graduation.

  • Matthew Dale - BS Spring 2019

    Matthew Dale is currently in talks to begin contract work with a United States Navy Base in Dahlgren, VA after graduation.

  • Ayotunde Egunjobi - MS Spring 2019

    Ayo is actively investigating job opportunities in Data Science/Analytics before eventually pursuing a PhD.

  • Sarah Gallant - BS expected Fall 2019

    Sarah plans to pursue a career as an Actuary after graduation this fall. She will take her first exam this summer.

  • Carmen Gaver - BS Spring 2019

    Carmen is actively seeking jobs in Statistics closer to her home town in Virginia.

  • Emily Hammes - BS Spring 2019

    Emily has already started the Masters of Arts in Teaching program at ETSU. She plans to graduate in 2020 and pursue a career as a high school mathematics teacher.

  • Jonathan Hampton - BS expected Fall 2019

    Jonathan expects to graduate this fall semester and then plans on attending graduate school to further his interests in Machine Learning and related fields.

  • Katie Heidt - MS Spring 2019

    Katie is actively pursuing job opportunities in Data Analysis after graduation with her Master’s degree.

  • Natalee Henderson - BS Spring 2019

    Natalee is actively seeking Teaching Positions in grades 6-12 in East Tennessee upon graduation.

  • Nicholas Hodge - BS Spring 2019

    Nick has accepted a job as a Systems Analyst at Eastman in Kingsport, TN.

  • Sajedul Islam - MS Summer 2019

    Islam plans to pursue his PhD in either Mathematics or Data Science starting in Spring 2020.

  • Bethany Jewett - BS Spring 2019

    Bethany is actively seeking a position using her Applied Mathematics background.

  • Seth Ketron - BS Spring 2019

    Seth is planning to pursue a Masters of Science degree in Mathematics at ETSU upon graduation.

  • Isaac Nwi-Mozu

    Isaac plans to graduate this fall and then pursue his PhD. He has been admitted and is investigating his options: PhD in Biostatistics at University at Buffalo or PhD in Computation and Data Science at Chapman University. PhD in Biostatistics at

  • Mary Grace Oster - BS Spring 2019

    Grace plans to take a year off before exploring graduate school opportunities in Statistics.

  • Christine Padden - BS Spring 2019

    Christine plans to hike across Scotland before starting the MAT program at ETSU in the fall. Eventually she plans to pursue a doctorate in math education.

  • Nathan Ramsey - BS Spring 2019

    Nate plans to pursue a Masters of Science degree in Mathematics at ETSU upon graduation.

  • Rebeccca Rasnick - MS Spring

    Rebecca will be pursuing a PhD in Biostatistics at Virginia Commonwealth University upon graduation.

  • Justin Reising - MS expected Fall 2019

    Justin in planning on pursing a career in Sports Analytics upon graduation with his Masters degree this fall.

  • Ameilia Schroeder - BS Spring 2019

    Amelia will be pursing her PhD in Biostatistics at the University of Pennsylvania starting this fall.

  • Sarah Wang - BS Spring 2019

    Sarah is actively seeking jobs using her Applied Mathematics background.

  • Skylar Carpenter - MS Spring 2019

    Skylar is actively pursuing job opportunities in Data Analytics after graduation with his Master’s degree.


Notable Activities of Our Faculty!

Dr. Michele Joyner is the principal investigator of a PIC Math course (Preparation for Industrial Careers in Mathematical Sciences) at ETSU.  PIC Math is a joint Mathematical Association of America and Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics program funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF grant DMS-1345499).  

Outstanding Mathematics/Statistics Faculty (2018-19): JeanMarie Hendrickson (Teaching), Anant Godbole (Research), Daryl Stephens (Service), Floyd Brown (Teacher)


  • Amelia Schroeder won the 2018-19 Outstanding Undergraduate in Mathematics Award.
  • Bethany Jewett won the 2018-19 Faculty Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Student.
  • Skylar Carpenter and Ayotunde Egunjobi received the 2018-19 Outstanding Graduate Student Award.
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