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Mathematics & Statistics

College of Arts & Sciences

Computer Lab (Yoakley Hall Room 213)
Study Room (Yoakley Hall Room 210)

As an ETSU Math Honors-in-Disciple student, you will have access to a computer lab and a study room. These rooms are located on the second floor of Yoakley Hall, where the Honors College is housed. The H-i-D Computer Lab is in room 213 of Yoakley Hall. It houses 12 Dell computers and a black and white laser printer. The H-i-D Study Room is in room 210 of Yoakley Hall. It has a computer connected to a digital projector and a small white board. It is a nice setting for presentations to small groups, or for group study. Currently (fall 2009) access to these rooms is limited to H-i-D students in good standing who have at least 60 hours of credit.

If you have the required number of hours and are interested in using these rooms, you will need to go to the ID Center and have your ID card coded for access. During the day the front doors of Yoakley Hall are open. You can get to the second floor by entering them and then going to one end of the central hallway or the other. However, after hours, you will need to enter by the door on the lower left of the building. After you swipe your ID there, you will enter a small hallway. Go through the door straight ahead and up two flights of stairs to reach the second floor. Rooms 210 and 213 are at the end of the hallway. Both rooms have locks which your coded ID card will open.

Rules for Use of the H-i-D Rooms

Marcia Songer has created a document explaining the rules for the use of these two rooms: HiD House Rules. These are the rules as of July 2009. Some of the important rules include:

  • Students with access may NOT bring guests.
  • Do not bring any food or drink into the H-i-D Computer Lab!!! Drinks are allowed in the H-i-D Study Room and a small refrigerator is available in that room.
  • Do not drink water from the faucet in the bathroom. There is safe drinking water available in the small kitchen halfway down the hall.
  • Outside doors are to remained CLOSED at all times. For the security of everyone inside, do NOT prop the door open.
Computer Lab
Computer Lab

Computer Lab
Computer Lab
Honors-in-Discipline Programs and Fine and Performing Arts Scholars Programs staff member Eva Lynch

Computer Lab
Computer Lab and Network Printer

study room
Study Room, Digital Projector, and White Board

study room
Study Room, Group Study Area

common area
Common Area on the Second Floor of Yoakley Hall
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