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Department of Internal Medicine

Quillen College of Medicine

General Internal Medicine | Kingsport

Division Statement | Faculty | Research/Scholarly Activity | Quillen ETSU Physicians

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The General Internal Medicine Division at Kingsport (shown) is a mixed inpatient and outpatient teaching practice. The third from the right picture is Dr. Nunley-Gorman, one of our physicians in Kingport.

The inpatient service is located at Holston Valley Medical Center in Kingsport where the ward teaching service provides care for our own patients as well as the majority of unattached and uninsured patients admitted to Internal Medicine. One faculty member is assigned to this service on a rotating basis. Teaching is always a focus with the resident staff (typically 4 first year residents, 4 senior residents, and one chief resident) as well as medical students. Third year medical students are assigned as part of their Internal Medicine course, and fourth year students may perform subinternships.

The outpatient service is located at our offices at 4 Sheridan Square, near the Meadowview complex in Kingsport. Outpatient services are provided for our patients and resident continuity clinics are held daily. An outpatient resident curriculum has been developed and utilizes online learning. Students on rotation with our inpatient service are welcome to use any available free time for one on one teaching in the clinic.

Service is another strong area for our faculty. Faculty members have served on university committees, practice committees, and hospital roles including Department Chair, Medical Staff President, Ethics Committee Chair, and the hospital Board of Directors. Not all of our service is administrative, however, as several faculty members volunteer their services at a free clinic in downtown Kingsport.

We also encourage resident academic productivity through case reports and poster presentations. The group has published several papers on innovations in practice management, and one member has released a number of medical software programs.

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