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College of Public Health

Pioneer Experience - HutImagine that you are one of the first pioneers to enter Tennessee.

  • How kind of shelter would you build?
  • What kind of sanitation would you need?
  • How would you cook, how would you protect your food, and how would you get clean water?  
  • What else would you do to protect and promote your health?

Pioneer Experience - Muddy Fence

The "Pioneer Experience" is a Short-term Knowledge, Immersion-Learning, and Leadership Skills (SKILLS) experience that challenges the participants to work together to not only answer these questions, but put their plans into action. Students in a classroom may use videos, textbooks or lectures to KNOW how the early settlers lived, but during the "Pioneer Experience," participants will actually DO what the early settlers did.

Pioneer Experience - Cot



What do participants say about the experience?

  • "I enjoyed the teamwork and the sense of accomplishment that I obtained."
  • "This project introduced me to a field of education that I have wanted to do my entire life. . . I realize that this is the program I want to go into."
  • "It was fantastic and a lot of fun. Although it was hard work, I feel as if it really allowed me to be able to connect what we learned in class to real life."
  • "I loved the teamwork that came about during the building process. It really changed my perspective on the pioneers. . ."
  • "10/10 - would recommend to a friend"
  • "Thanks so much for having us. It was a truly awesome experience."

Read about the "Pioneer Experience" in the Johnson City Press!

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