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Office of the Registrar

East Tennessee State University

Room Reservation Request Form

Our office requires at least a 48 hour notice before scheduling an event.

The Registrar’s office is ONLY responsible for reserving events for Registrar scheduled academic rooms from 8:00am until 10:00pm, so if your event ends at 10:00pm then you will need to make arrangements to promptly leave by 10:00pm. Our office is NOT responsible for opening and/or unlocking rooms or reserving special items for reserved events. We highly recommend that you make arrangements in advance. It is your responsibility to make sure the room is left in the same condition it was found.  All persons on campus must provide adequate identification upon request to appropriate officials and security personnel of the university. Any damages incurred while using the academic facilities will result in a fine, replacement or cost of damaged items/repairs, and possible suspension from using Registrar scheduled facilities in the future. Applicants agree to indemnify the university and hold it harmless from all liabilities arising out of the applicant’s use of the university property and/or facilities, including but not limited to personal injury, property damage, court costs, or attorneys’ fees.  Thank you for your understanding of our reservation policies, and we appreciate your time.

For a complete list of our policies/procedures, please visit Registrar Event Scheduling Procedures (*Updated July 19, 2018)

**Our office cannot schedule ANY events in academic spaces during the week of Final Exams (Spring 2019, April 28-May 3)

***On the reservation form, please refrain from using acronyms in the Event Name field.  Also, the Event Description needs to be more in-depth than just the Event Name.  Please do not put the name of the event in the Event Description box. 

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