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 decorative gifWelcome to Officer Hudson's Home Page!

Student Drivers - The new 2015-2016 Parking Decals have arrived. 


The ETSU Parking Services office has moved!  We are now at our new location in the old Public Safety building at 132 Stout Drive.  Our building is located at the corner of Stout Drive and University Parkway in front of Centennial Hall.  There is a drive-through entrance on Stout Drive, and the drive-through window will be available beginning Wednesday, August 20, 2014, for your convenience.  ETSU Parking Services Website      

traffic picture


Get Ready for Lots and Lots of Traffic!!      



decorative(1) Please use crosswalks when crossing the roads on campus.  There have been multiple accidents in the tri-cities area in the last few days where students have been struck by vehicles while jaywalking, or unlawfully crossing the road.  There are several well-marked cross walks on the ETSU campus and students and parents should always use the crosswalks for increased safety.



(2) Students, please take a minute to review the school policy concerning cell phones:
Electronic Devices (Radios, Tape Players, Tape Recorders, CD Players, Cell phones, Cameras, IPods, Electronic Pagers, etc.)

Students will not use personal electronic devices on the school grounds during the school day, (from 7:30 am - 3:00 pm). This rule is not intended to preclude the use of electronic devices for educational purposes. All prohibited electronic devices will be confiscated by University School employees. The device will be turned in to the office along with a disciplinary referral. The device will be kept in the office and returned to the parent/guardian at the end of the day before 4:00 pm. Repeat offenses will result in additional disciplinary action at the discretion of the administration.



Mock Trial: If you are interested in Mock Trial, please pick up the Rules from Officer Hudson any time between now and September 11th



Calculators?  Are you missing your calculator?  Have you had to buy a new calculator?  Officer Hudson recommends that all students bring in their calculators and allow him to engrave their name on the device in case they are lost or stolen.  Please see Officer Hudson for engraving services or to check for lost and found devices


We have been informed by the Johnson City Police Department that they are going to begin enforcing jaywalking statutes effective immediately.  The primary point of enforcement will be those crossing State of Franklin between the University and Carnegie Hotel.  Crossing the roadway creates a hazard for both drivers and pedestrians.  We encourage all individuals to please use the overhead walkway to cross State of Franklin.  Please stay safe, University School students, parents, and staff!!!


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