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University School


Nurse Virginia Fulton, RN 

Office:  Room 105B

Office Hours:  Monday - Friday, 9:00 - 2:00
                          Lunch 11-12

Office Phone:  (423) 439-8674




 My name is Virginia Fulton and I am the school nurse this year. My office hours are from 9am to 2pm. I am on the ETSU campus from 8am-430pm so when I am not at University School, I am at the ETSU Student Health Clinic. My lunch is from 11:35-12:25. If a student is needing attention during the time that I am not in my office, the student will need to go to the main office.  

Virginia Fulton, RN


Pick Up Any Medications Brought to School


Please remember to pick up any medications that have been brought to school for your child/children. The medications need to be picked up by the last day of school or they will be disposed of. 

Thank you, Virginia Fulton, RN 

University School Nurse


Kinsa Thermometer 

University School Faculty/Staff chosen to receive a free Kinsa Smart Thermometer:  Brochures are available for pickup in the school office.  Please remember to sign up for the Kinsa app and register for the free smart thermometer.  The deadline to sign up is December 31, 2017.  If we have 100 families that sign up before December 15th, we can win a $100 gift card for the nurses's office!  More Information can be found on the Kinsa Website.  The following article was published in the Johnson City Press:

Early illness detection is goal for smart thermometer program at University School

Brandon Paykamian • Updated Nov 30, 2017 at 7:22 PM

Early detection of the flu is an important part of keeping schools healthy, and one San Francisco-based company will help Johnson City's University School do just that.

Kinsa, a company that produces "smart thermometers" that assist in early detection of illnesses like the flu, will provide the school and parents with a thermometer and a smartphone application that allows users to connect the thermometer to their phones and check to see which illnesses are most prevalent.

In the middle of flu season, tools such as the Kinsa Smart Thermometer and Smart Health Tracking App, which will be provided as part of the company's FLUency program, could play an important role in giving students proper treatment.

"It allows the nurses in the school and parents to see how many people have illnesses like strep or flu, which helps the school community stay healthy by knowing what's going around and what to do about it," spokeswoman Kristen Marion said.

Depending on the reading, the app also tells parents what to do next and alerts users when a fever and symptoms warrant a visit to the doctor.

University School, a K-12 school, was one of three schools in Tennessee and 200 schools nationally to be accepted into the free FLUency program.

The thermometers, which usually cost about $20, should be provided to parents at the school by January, according to Marion. As part of the program, Lysol also will provide disinfectant products to help prevent viral and bacterial infections.

The program and the smart thermometer technology will require parental input to be utilized effectively, according to Nita Nehru, Kinsa's marketing manager.

"There's several things that go into the process of choosing which school gets the free program. We received 4,000 applications for only 200 spots, and what we looked for was a committed, active person on the ground — like a school nurse, principal or parent. We want people who will champion this program and help spearhead it," she said. "Next, we look for an active, engaged parent population."

Christen Minnick, director of the Washington County Health Department, said tools like the FLUency program could be very useful for early detection of the flu in schools. Though she said larger cities like Nashville often see higher flu rates before cities like Johnson City, Minnick said gathering as much data as possible and staying up to date on the numbers is always important for parents.

"We typically see an increase in areas with higher populations first," she said. "As with every other year, we have an increase in flu cases starting in October, which can last until March and April depending on the severity of it.

"The earlier we can detect that, the more information we will be able to provide to the (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) to get out to the public."


The annual health screenings for K, 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, & 10th grades is scheduled for October 30th. We will be using the library to conduct the screenings and usually start with K and work our way up to 10th grade in order to not conflict with lunches.


Flu shots are scheduled at University School for Friday, November 3, 2017.

FluPrintable Consent Form / Information

Washington County-Johnson City Health Department
Christen Minnick, MPH, Director
219 Princeton Road
Johnson City, Tennessee 37601
Phone: 423-975-2200

Dear Parent:

The Washington County Health Department and the Washington County/Johnson City School
System have partnered to provide seasonal influenza (flu) vaccinations at your child's school. If your
child is uninsured, there is no cost to you for the flu vaccine. If your child is covered by insurance,
including TennCare and private insurance, the County Health Department will file a claim with the
insurance plan and receive reimbursement directly from the insurance plan. There is no out of
pocket cost to you for the flu vaccines provided during this school flu vaccination clinic.
Health Department nurses will vaccinate children and school staff using the injectable (shot) flu
vaccine. Clinics will begin as soon as the vaccine arrives at the health department (usually middle to
late fall).

If you would like for your child to receive flu vaccine, please fill out both sides of the attached
consent form and return to the school within two weeks. Be sure to sign the form as this will be
your permission for your student to receive the vaccine. You must fill out a separate consent form
for each student you would like to receive the vaccine. If at a later date you change your mind and
do not wish for your child to receive flu vaccine at the school, please notify the school prior to the
clinic date. This service to the students and staff is being done to decrease the impact of seasonal
flu in our communities and to decrease school absenteeism.

If you have any questions, please call the Washington County Health Department at 423-975-2200.

Amanda McElyea, RN
Nursing Supervisor

TennCare Free Health Insurance and Checkups
TennCare Free Health Insurance and Checkups
Take a Step Towards a Healthier You! 

Schedule your FREE checkup today. 

Do you need insurance?  Apply for TennCare or CoverKids.  It's free health insurance.  Visit to apply online.  Or call 1-800-318-2596 to apply by phone.  Getting insurance is good for you and your family.

Remember to visit your doctor for a checkup at least once a year.  TennCare Kids and CoverKids checkups are FREE!  And visit your DENTIST every 6 months for a FREE TennCare Kids or CoverKids dental checkup.

Information provided from Division of Health Care Finance & Administration.  Printable Brochure





Kindergarten & 7th Grade immunization requirements:  Parents please note that University School must have a Certificate of Immunization completed and returned before October 2nd.  The following information details what is required:


Printable Immunization Requirement Information

Printable Copy of Certificate of Immunization (example)





  Printable Authorization to Assist with Self-Administration of Medication


 Authorization Form








Notes from Nurse Fulton!


Check out this "Fun" Website for BAM! Body and Mind fun, games, and helpful information!!!!

Center for Disease and Control BAM! Body and Mind



Information on Meningococcal Vaccines - What You Need to Know


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