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Post Office

Division of Business and Finance

How to Videos

The short videos on this page are provided to answer some of our customer's most frequently posed questions and issues.  Currently, only three videos are available. However, several more are under development.  If you have any questions or suggestions you can send them to


How to Open Your Post Office Box

You'll see how to properly open your post office box:



Proper Mail & Delivery Addressing

In this video you'll find the correct method for addressing both envelopes and packages for delivery to the ETSU post office: 


Package Pick-Up

Here you can see how the Intelligent Package Delivery System works for you to pick-up a package:



Future Videos

  • Get your PO Box number and Combination
  • How to Submit a Mail Forwarding Request
  • How to Operate the Mail Kiosk
  • Free Mailing Supplies
  • Mailing Services
  • How to mail an International Package
  • Media Mail Best and Cheapest Way to Mail Your Books
  • Flat Rate and Regional Rate Boxes Save You Money
  • ETSU Postal Service App
  • How to Pick up a Package (Lockers, Window & PO Box)
  • Campus Mail  Purpose, Envelopes & Required Info 
  • How to Properly Address a Letter and Prepare a Package for Mailing
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