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Parcel Lockers App Instructions & FAQs

Package Pickup Mobile App Instructions:


  1. How do I find the app in the app store?
    1. Type “etsu packages” in the search bar
  2. Is the app available on IOS/Apple and Android?
    1. Yes the app is available for both the IOS/Apple and Android operating systems.
  3. Why does my app say “Remote Unlock Unavailable”?
    1. This can happen for two different reasons:
      1. You are more than 8 feet away from the locker console.
      2. You have your location services disabled in general or for the application.
    2. To enable remote unlock:
      1. Tap Settings
      2. Tap privacy
      3. Tap Location services
      4. Toggle the on switch if switch is off
      5. Scroll down the page until you find “Package Lockers”
      6. Tap “Package Lockers”
      7. Under “Allow Location Access”: tap “While using the App”
  4. Can I still use my student ID or PIN to open the locker?
    1. Yes you can still use these options the app simple gives you an additional option to open the locker via Remote Unlock.
  5. What are the advantages to using the mobile App?
    1. You can see any packages you have received on one convenient screen.
    2. You can see exactly what locker bank your package is in.
    3. You have an extra means to open the locker with the new Remote Unlock.
    4. You can retrieve your package while postal workers are still loading lockers.
    5. Multiple people can pick up their packages at the same time with the remote unlock, which leads to less time waiting in line.
  6. Will the App notify me when I have a package?
    1. Yes, the app has been designed to inform you as soon as you have a package available. All you need to do is enable push notifications under the my account tab.
  7. Will the app notify me if I have a package in the mail room?
    1. Yes, the app will notify you if your package has been moved to the mailroom.
  8. Is there a step-by-step procedures on how to install the “ETSU Package Locker”App?
    1. There is a link to the procedures on this page.
  9. Is the ETSU “Package Locker App” free?
    1. Yes for both the IOS and Android versions.
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