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Post Office

Division of Business and Finance

Parcel Lockers
  • Smart Parcel Lockers
  • Contactless Pick-up available 24 7 and 365 days a year
  • Smart department lockers
  • Pick up your package on your time

The Smart Mail Delivery System (SMDS) located in our lobby is the first one of its kind to be installed at a public four-year university in the United States. Located in the Postal Services lobby (1st floor of the Culp Center), the system contains a bank of 180 automated Smart Mail lockers controlled by three computer terminals and 280 Smart Mail boxes controlled by two computer terminals.  Postal customers are sent notification emails containing a unique PIN that, once entered, opens the corresponding door containing their package. Students can also use their Student IDs to swipe in any of the 3 card swipers located  above the computer screens on the lockers and the screen will tell the student if they have a package in the SMDS system and where it located. Once they swipe their ID card in the card swiper located in the locker bank where their package is contained the door where their package or packages is located will automatically open.  If their package is in the mailroom the screen will notify them of that. This provides customers with efficient package pick-up options available 24 hours a day. Important IPDS information to know is:

  • Smart Mail Delivery System Presentation
  • The SMDS will automatically issue an e-mail containing a unique pick-up PIN to package recipients
  • The package will remain in the SMDS up to two days for delivery. After which, the pick-up PIN will expire and it will be brought behind the counter for another ten days. If the recipient doesn’t contact the ETSU Post Office before this point, a “Return-To-Sender (RTS)” will be enacted, transporting the package back to its sender.
  • You may receive up to 2 e-mail notifications (one/day) for your package while it is in the IPDS
  • The maximum package length size restriction for the IPDS is 30 in (76.2 cm)
  • Locker Mobile App Terms and Conditions
  • Help

Here you can see how the Smart Mail Delivery System works for you to pick-up a package:



Here you can see how to load the Smart Mail Delivery System:

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