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Department of Internal Medicine

Quillen College of Medicine

Echocardiography Cases

ETSU Cardiology Video Library

A repository for rare and interesting cardiology cases

Echocardiography Cases


Classic Hit
We start off with one of the classics. A case of non-obstructive HCM.



Apical Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
Not entirely classic, but enough to suspect and prove. It was suspected and it was proved. So there.



There is something about how a fibroelastoma flutters outside the valve. It gets an A+ on the aesthetic approval scale.



Old Faithful.
This PDA has been operating its machinery for over 70 years, only to have its existence betrayed by a routine echo.



Good old amyloidosis.
This is one of the "common" rare conditions. These echos are so pretty, they deserve a place in any library.



Nothing Fancy
Well known moderate AS, resultant LVH and a parasternal view. Why is this here?



The infiltrator.
This staphylococcal family decided to infiltrate the aortic valve and do their best to look like a benign fibroelastoma. We uncovered the farce and nuked them with antibiotics though.



Infection Overload!
Bugs everywhere. Endocarditis of the pulmonary valve and the RV apex. Endocarditis of the RV apex is a pretty rare phenomenon.

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