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Department of Internal Medicine

Quillen College of Medicine

Junior Medical Student Education Goals
Third Year Internal Medicine Clerkship 2015 - 2016 Goals

Importance of this course

During this six-week clerkship, you will acquire fundamental skills, reinforce and expand your knowledge, and develop personally and professionally. We hope that this experience inspires you to learn and experience more of what Internal Medicine has to offer. Internists care for a broad spectrum of patients, ranging in age from adolescents to the ever-growing elderly population. While expanding your medical knowledge, you will also be solidifying basic clinical skills such as patient interviewing, physical examination, and communication through case presentations and written documentation. This time is also a major opportunity to improve more advanced skills such as physical diagnosis, clinical reasoning, and developing physician-patient relationships. 

Clerkship Goals

The Internal Medicine curriculum goals are to assist students in acquiring a foundation of knowledge regarding the practice of medicine, and assist students in mastering basic interpersonal skills relevant to the management of patients with medical illness. 

1. Student will develop a solid foundation of medical knowledge regarding the care and management of patients presenting with a variety of medical diseases. This will include formulating a diagnosis, patient care plan, medical diagnostic procedures, adherence to evidence-based guidelines and follow up care that includes both medical and psychological support.
2. Students will effectively participate as team members while maintaining a professional demeanor that includes communication with fellow students, residents, attending physicians and patient's family members.


A. Review/Interpret peripheral blood smear. Attend laboratory session.
B. Interpret an EKG.
C. Interpret components of urinalysis.
D. Interpret gram stain.
E. Histories and physicals.

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