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Basler Team Challenge & Aerial Adventure Course


The Basler Team Challenge and Aerial Adventure Course is a state of the art low and high ropes challenge course. The course offers a full range of ground-level team building initiatives, and a series of aerial challenges ranging from easy to difficult between 15 – 45 feet in the air.

Programs are available for the ETSU community, as well as for off-campus and corporate community groups. The Aerial Adventure Course is available during Open Climb hours for use by ETSU students, faculty, staff, and CPA patrons. A valid ETSU I.D. is required to participate in Open Climb.

Outdoor Adventure offers four types of programs ranging from one to five (1-5) hours for organized groups.

1 - 1.5 hours

Low-risk challenges designed to promote group development through initiatives such as ice-breakers, name games, and energizers in an indoor or outdoor field setting, depending on the season. Facilitators tailor activities to meet the expressed group goals and can build in time to debrief activities and their application to a “real life” setting.
1 - 2 hours

Low-risk challenges similar to those of the Express Course with additional physical and mental challenges. Low Challenge Courses provide the foundation for building effective teamwork and problem solving skills, and may include jumping, climbing, and balancing on special wooden/rope structures. Facilitators build in time to debrief activities and how they may have “real life” application.
2 - 4 hours

Challenges utilizing the Basler Team Challenge and Aerial Adventure Course. The High Challenge Course offers the opportunity for participants to stretch their personal physical and mental limits and includes 21 unique climbing, zipping, walking, balancing, and swinging challenges as participants move from one platform to another.

The High Challenge Course includes three levels of challenges between 15 - 45 feet in the air. Facilitators tailor the elements to fit the needs of the group. High Challenge Course activities
typically do not include a debriefing, unless specifically requested by the group, as these challenges are intended for personal challenge and growth rather than group development.
4 - 6 hours

Combo Courses offer the best of both the Low and High Challenge Course experiences. This is a great option for groups looking to get to know one another, focus on leadership and group development, and put themselves to the challenge in a fun and exciting outdoor environment.

Group Challenge Course Reservation Request

  1. Complete a Reservation Request Form
  2. Submit form through email to
  3. Our Outdoor Adventure Coordinator will contact you to schedule a course!

Open High Challenge Course Registration

Are you interested in experiencing our Aerial Adventure course, but you don't have a group? We offer FREE sessions on the course on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursday in March and April for individuals.


How It Works

  1. Students and guests (with guest pass purchased from CPA Member Services) register for a Ground School time using the form above.
  2. Complete the Basler TCAAC Waiver.
  3. Sign the Agreement to Follow Rules.
  4. Arrive 15 minutes before your Ground School time.
  5. Have fun!

Limited Availability

There are 10 spaces available for each Ground School. You will receive confirmation of your registration if a time is available for the Ground School you have requsted. If the Ground School is full, you may resubmit the registration for another time.


Registrations are accepted up until the day of the Course. Walk-Ins will be accepted based on availability. Registrations submitted near the course time may not receive confirmation.

No Shows

Attendance will be verified five (5) minutes prior to your Ground School time. If you are not present, your spot may be opened to walk-in participants. If you are unable to attend the course, please contact us ASAP.

Course Time

The Course takes about two (2) hours to complete. You may exit the course at any time via the staircase.


Click here to check out the cool time lapse video of the beginning stages of the construction of the Basler Team Challenge & Aerial Adventure Course.

The Basler Team Challenge and Aerial Adventure Course is located on ETSU’s campus at 503 Go Bucs Trail. The Challenge Course Pavilion 540 (north pavilion) is located at 505 Go Bucs Trail. Parking is available in lot 22A across from the challenge course pavilion from Go Bucs Trail. 

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