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The Franklin Math Bowl was a mathematics competition for middle school students. In previous years it was a two-part contest in November with an individual test and a group problem-solving test. We tried a new format for the 2014-15 school year. Because it was a pilot testing year, the 2015 Bowl was by invitation only to schools in Johnson City and Washington County.

The format for the 2015 Franklin Math Bowl was loosely based on the "Battle of the Books" format (see Halton Hills, Ontario, Public Library for a description of their contest).

Due to personnel changes at University School, which co-sponsors the event, we were unable to host the contest in 2015-16. Following that year, the Center  of Excellence in Science and Mathematics Education has sponsored a local administration of a national contest in mid-May. To avoid having too many contests, the Franklin Math Bowl has been discontinued for the time being. For more information, contact Dr. Daryl Stephens, director, at (423-439-6981, e-mail ).


Past Tests and Contest Winners

New tests are written every year by different writers, so difficulty and content will vary each year. Below you will find a collection of some old tests. Answer keys were included when available. All tests are in PDF format. Go to to get the free Adobe Reader or to get the free Foxit Reader if for some reason you can't open these files.

Contest Winners from recent years:

Previous Years' Tests

The tests below are from the old format of the Franklin Math Bowl, which had written individual and team problem solving tests. The tests marked with an asterisk were created directly from the word processing file, so the text may possibly be copied and pasted into another program. The rest of the tests are scanned as images. Thanks to Michael Falgatter, adjunct faculty member, for scanning these in his high-speed scanner.

The written test answer sheets have answers for all the tests for that year. The problem solving tests are saved as a single file with questions and answers for all contests unless otherwise noted.

For some reason, the 2012 and 2011 tests are no longer linked to a page. At some point, as time permits, we will try to find those and post them here.

Written Tests (Multiple Choice)
Problem Solving (Group) Test and Answers
6th 7th 8th Algebra Written Answers
2012 6th* 7th* 8th* Alg* Answers* Prob Solv
2011 6th* 7th* 8th* Alg* Answers* Prob Solv
2010 6th* 7th* 8th* Alg* Answers* Prob Solv
2009 6th* 7th* 8th* Alg* Answers* (corrected version) Prob Solv (answers are on other answer key)*
2008 6th* 7th* 8th* Alg* Answers* Prob Solv*
2007 6th* 7th* 8th* Alg* Answers* Prob Solv*
2006 6th 7th 8th* Alg Answers* Prob Solv
2005 6th 7th 8th* - Answers* Prob Solv
2004 - 7th - Alg - -
2003 6th 7th 8th Alg Answers* Prob Solv
2002 6th 7th 8th Alg Answers* PS (6, 7, & 8 only; no algebra questions)
2000 - - - - - Problem Solving (Algebra questions only, no answers)

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The Franklin Math Bowl is on indefinite hiatus for now. ETSU and University School are hosting another national contest, and the decision was made not to have the Bowl along with it.

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