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Department of Internal Medicine

Quillen College of Medicine

Research/Scholarly Activities | Infectious, Inflammatory and Immunologic Diseases

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Scholarship in the Division of Infectious, Inflammatory and Immunologic Diseases

The Infectious Diseases division is active in multiple aspects of clinical and basic science research and is highly productive in this area. Division members have received continuous NIH funding for over a decade and our viral pathogenesis laboratories provide a training ground for Infectious Diseases fellows and postdoctoral, graduate, and undergraduate students. Research interests within the division include:

  • immunopathogenesis of HCV and HIV/HCV coinfection with a focus on the innate immune response (Moorman, Yao, Li)
  • basic immunologic mechanisms underlying EBV latency and EBV/HIV co-infection leading to tumorigenesis (Ning)
  • immune response and latency during HIV infection (Li, Yao)
  • translational studies of sepsis in relation to innate immunity (Moorman)
  • neuroimmunologic studies of chronic stress and opioids (Yin)
  • the role of vitamin D in infectious processes (Youssef)

In addition, division members are involved in areas of scholarship that include quality improvement, patient outcomes research, and dissemination of clinical findings. Division members comprise the key editors and authors of the most recent edition of Gantzs Manual of Clinical Problems in Infectious Diseases, a compendium of Infectious Diseases clinical knowledge.


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