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East Tennessee State University

D2L Combine Request

To request the combining of your Desire2Learn sites, please use the form linked below to submit the required information.

You should only request the combination for sites in which you are the instructor.

Form for D2L Combine Request

Combine requests are processed twice daily during the week. You will receive an automatic email response once you submit the form, as well as an email from ATS once your request has been completed. Once processed, it is recommended that you log into D2L and check your courses to make sure they were combined as you wished.

Further explanation:

In some cases, faculty members may prefer that the students from multiple classes be combined into a single D2L site. A typical example is when a class is listed in SIS as both an undergraduate class and a graduate class, but all the students meet together and so the professor wants to maintain a single D2L site for the class. Another typical example is when a professor is teaching multiple sections of the same course. You can request that multiple D2L sites be combined into one site, so that all of your students in various sections of a course share the same D2L site. That way you only need to maintain one site.

What you should know/consider before making this request:

There are a couple of issues that you should be aware of before deciding to request that your D2L sites be combined

  1. This process only copies students from one D2L site to another.
  2. The sites that are being combined (not the primary site) will be deleted in the process and any content or associated student work will be deleted.  If you request that sites be combined after students have already received grades/submitted assignments that material is lost once their D2L site has been rolled into another one.
  3. All students in combined sites will appear in one grade book and class list within D2L. You may choose to View by sections in these tools to view the students in their respective sections.
  4. Asynchronous online courses cannot be combined with on-ground courses.
  5. Combining students from different courses into a single D2L site does not alter the students' information in Goldlink/Banner.

Please contact ATS at or 439-8611 for questions or further information.

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