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East Tennessee State University

Accessing Quick Eval 

To access the Quick Eval dashboard, select the Quick Eval link on the My Home page navigation bar. 

 my home page toolbar

With the release of the Brightspace Quick Eval dashboard, instructors are now able to capture, in a central location, the outstanding and ungraded assignments, regardless of class or assignment type that require attention or action. This site will guide you through use-case scenarios of how the Brightspace Quick Eval tool can significantly decrease instructor grading and feedback turnaround time.


Sorting and Filtering the Quick Eval Dashboard

The dashboard is comprised of four columns: Student Name, Activity Name, Course, and SubmissionDate. Clicking on any of these column names will dynamically sort the data.Note that, by default, submissions are sorted by date, with the oldest submissions appearing at the top of the list.

quickeval dashboard

Use the Filter options to pare down the results by activity name, course, or submission date. Optionally, using the search field, you can search for an ungraded submission.

Filtering options


Searching for Submissions

Optionally, using the search field, you can search for an ungraded submission.

 searching qe


Accessing an Ungraded Student Submission

To begin the assessment of a particular submission, simply click on the student’s name. This action will route you to the particular assessment tool within a course. The student submission will display, and from here, you can continue in your normal grading workflow.   

Accessing a Student Submission



Publishing Grades and Feedback

Once you’ve completed your grading of a student’s submission, you can click publish to release to grade and feedback to students. Clicking publish also removes this student’s submission from your Quick Eval dashboard list. Saving grades and feedback for a student submission does not remove that entry from your dashboard. 


Returning to the Quick Eval Dashboard

Use the “Return to Quick Eval link, located in the topleft-hand corner of your screen to return back to your quick eval dashboard.

Return to QE dashboard




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