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East Tennessee State University

D2L Instructor Workshop Guides


Introduction to D2L
A beginner's guide to D2L. This handout covers setting up your personal profile, class list, and the Content tool. Access the Guide.
D2L Evaluation Tools
A beginner's guide to D2L. This handout covers the 4 primary evaluation tools: Assessments(quizzes), Discussions, Dropbox, and Grades. Access the Guide.
D2L Discussions
A guide to using the D2L Discussions to promote discussion and collaboration online. Also included in this guide re instructions on how to assess(grade) discussion posts  by students. Access the Guide.
D2L  Dropbox
A guide to using the D2L Dropbox to evaluate electronic student submissions. Access the Guide.
D2L Rubrics
Create grading rubrics that can be used to assess your students' work. Access the Guide.
Managing Content in D2L
A guide to adding and managing content within your course. Access the Guide.
Building HTML Content
Using HTML templates to make accessible course content. Access the Guide.
D2L HTML Templates
Download a template and improve the readability of your D2L HTML content. Email us at
Create tests offline and upload them to D2L. Access the Guide.
D2L Admin Tools
A guide that covers some of the tools found within the course administration menu. Access the Guide.
D2L Random Quiz
A guide for creating a quiz with questions in random order. Access the Guide.



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