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Desire 2 Learn

Your D2L experience begins at the D2L Login Page. Once you have successfully logged in using your ETSU credentials, you will land on the My Home page. The My Home page is the university-level landing page for D2L. The two primary components of the My Home page are Widgets and Navigation bars. Widgets are sections of the page reserved for information. Navigation bars direct you through the learning environment.

The Minibar

The Minibar

The new minibar is located at the top of your screen. This feature allows you to quickly navigate between courses, view messages and alerts at a glance, and access your account settings. The minibar is pinned to the top of the window and is accessible whether you are inside of a course or on the My Home page. The minibar is comprised of four major sections: My Home, the Course Selection drop-down menu, the Alerts panel, and your personal settings drop-down menu.

My Home Page with Minibar highlighted

My Home

My home button

Click the My Home button at any time to return back to the My Home page.


Course Selection

The Course Selection drop-down lists your courses. You can sort them by course name or by date last accessed. You can also select specific courses from the menu and “pin” them to the top of the list for easier navigation. To pin a course, simply click on the pushpin icon and it will turn orange. To unpin a course, click on the orange pushpin icon and it will return back to grey.

Course dropdown list in minibar


Alerts Panel

This panel holds access to messages, updates, and subscription notices.

Alerts panel - mesaging, update alerts, and subscription notices


Personal Settings

Click your name to access your profile, personal settings, or to upload a photo to your profile.

personal setting drop-down menu
My Home Widgets

News Widget

Check the News widget on the My Home page to access university-level information about D2L. Downtimes, important dates, and other D2L-specific notices will be posted here by the ATS staff.

news widget

Side Widgets

Use the side widgets to access helpful links and technical assistance

Side Widgets

Default Course Home Navbar

In an effort to streamline the course homepage, we have customized a course home navbar. The link groups are organized by function and then alphabetically within each group. An expanded list of all course tools and their link group classification is listed below.

Default course nav bar


navigation groups within the course default nav bar

My Courses Widget

My Courses

The My Courses Widget now includes a new feature that will make locating your courses much easier. Now available are the Select Semester and Select Department filter buttons. Using these buttons, an instructor is able to customize the My Courses widget to display only current semester courses, only courses within a particular department, or a combination thereof. By default, your widget displays all courses, all departments, and all semesters.

filter buttons

If the My Courses widget contains more than 100 courses, the semester/department breakdown will no longer be available. Instead, the widget will filter, by default, to display recently accessed courses. Use the filtering options below to customize the My Courses widget.



Select Semester

  1. Click the Select Semester button to display the select a semester pop-up window.

    select semester window

  2. Select a single semester from the list. Note that you can also search by semester code by using typing in a semester code (201450) or semester description( i.e. Summer 2014) into the search box.

    select semester 2

  3. Select the radio button for the semester and then Click Update


Select Department

  1. Click the Select Department button to display the select a department pop-up window.

    select department 1

  2. Select a single department from the list. Note that you can also search by department code by using typing in a semester code (201450) or semester description(Summer 2014) into the search box.

    select dept  2

  3. Select the radio button for the department and then Click Update


To Remove a Filter

  1. Click the Red (X) to remove a filter. Removing a filter will display all courses in your My Courses widget.

remove filter







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