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East Tennessee State University

Release Conditions

Release Conditions are criteria set by the instructor that the student must satisfy before being able to view a content topic, quiz, discussion board, dropbox folder, or other activity or widget within the learning environment. You can create new release conditions, reuse existing release conditions, and copy release conditions from one course to another.

Create a Release Condition

Regardless of the tool or widget using the release condition, the workflow for creating the condition remains consistent.

  1. From a specific learning activity or widget, click the Create button to create a new release condition.

    image of the release condition options (Create and Browse)

  2. Select the appropriate release Condition Type.

    Image of the Create a Relase Condition popup window with the condition type dropdown menu expanded.

  3. Select the appropriate Condition Details and enter any additional information or values. Note that, depending on the condition type you specify, the details options for condition details may differ.

    Image of the Create a Relase Condition popup window with the condition details dropdown menu highlighted.

  4. Click Create.

Select a Preexisting Release Condition

If you have a preexisting release condition, there is no need to recreate the condition for use in additional learning activities or widgets. Instead, select the Browse button to view a list of available release conditions.

image of the release condition options (Create and Browse) 

  1. By default, D2L will display release conditions for All Tools. You may select a specific tool from the View Conditions For drop-down menu.

    Image of the Existing Condition popup window

  2. Mark the checkbox to the left of the preexisting release condition that you would like to attach.
  3. Click Attach.

Managing Conditions

After you create a new release condition or attach a preexisting condition, you may select a condition operator.

Image of the release condition operator options

  • Selecting All conditions must be met requires the student to satisfy every attached condition before D2L will release the item.
  • Selecting Any condition must be met requires the student to satisfy any one condition from the attached conditions before D2L will release the item.

Removing Release Conditions

  • To remove a single release condition, click the (X) icon located to the right of a single condition.

 Image of the remove option for a single condition


  • To remove all conditions from a particular learning activity, click the trashcan icon.

Image of the remove condition trashcan icon


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