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Counseling Center

Division of Student Life and Enrollment

Counseling Center


Our office has moved.  You will find us in Nell Dossett Hall, 3rd Floor. Use the left entrance to the building.New location of the Counseling Center

We provide a variety of personal services, including drop-in consultations, crisis referrals, ongoing individual and couples therapy, group therapy and psychiatry. We also provide outreach programs in mental health and wellness, as well as serve as a training facility for graduate students in counseling, social work and psychology.  

Most of our services are FREE for currently enrolled ETSU students. We do charge a small fee for psychiatric services.

Our Main Number is:  (423) 439-3333


Choose the help you need.


I am going to hurt myself or someone else.

On Campus--ETSU Public Safety.  (423) 439-4480

Off Campus--911.

I am a student having an emotional crisis and need to talk to someone on the phone now.

Call BUCSPress 2, (423) 439-4841.

I have been sexually assaulted.

For confidential support call The Counseling Center (423-439-3333). Someone will walk you through your options.  After hours you can access BUCSPress2, our 24/7 helpline, by calling (423) 439-4841 and pressing "2".

If you are still in immediate danger OR you need immediate medical assistance call ETSU Public Safety, (423) 439-4480, or 911.  Please note that these are NOT confidential options.

For more information visit ETSU Violence Free.

Here are some other suggestions:

  • Go to a safe place as soon as possible.  Ask a friend, family member or someone you trust to stay with you.
  • Try to preserve all evidence of this assault.  Avoid drinking, bathing, showering, douching, brushing your teeth or changing your clothes.
  • Get medical care.  You may have sustained injuries or contracted a sexually transmitted disease. At the Johnson City Medical Center Emergency Room you may request a S.A.N.E. (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner). You may also undergo a Physical Evidence Recovery Kit (PERK) which is very helpful if you later choose to pursue investigation.  Although the crime will be reported your name will not be released.  You can refuse further investigation and the S.A.N.E. nurse will act as your advocate through the process.
  • Try to write down, or have a friend write down, everything you can remember about the incident. If you later decide to report or press charges, you will have the details to give to the police.
  • Seek follow-up counseling.  A trained counselor can help you process the emotional trauma of sexual assault.

I just need to vent.

If this is a short-term problem or you are unsure if ongoing counseling would benefit you, try Let's Talk.

I am worried about my grades, finances, housing or some other specific need.

I need some coping skills to help me relax, focus, and improve  my mood.

Self-help is a great place to start.  We have several resources (books, apps, etc...) to recommend.

We regularly offer a free, interactive stress skills workshop, Stress GPS:  Gaining Practical Skills. To learn more or register online CLICK HERE.

You might also benefit from stopping by for a brief consultation at one of our Let's Talk sites.

I am lonely.

This is such a common feeling!  Stop by a Let's Talk site and visit with us. We will help you problem solve.

You may also want to check out BucHub for a list of current student organizations and clubs.

I think I only need one counseling session to work on a specific problem.

We have two good options:

I want to discover my BEST self!

Checkout our workshops and groups.

Stop by a Let's Talk site for a visit.

You might also benefit from personal counseling.  Stop by during our walk-in hours for a needs assessment.

I've been stressed, anxious, angry or sad for a long time.

You might benefit from a series of regular counseling sessions.  Stop by during our walk-in hours for a needs assessment.

I am having problems  with parents/family.

Long-term family problems might benefit from a series of regular counseling sessions. Stop by during our walk-in hours for a needs assessment.

Short-term blow-up with parents or other family members might be helped by a brief, solution-focused approach.  Try BUCSPress2, (423) 439-4841, or visit us at Let's Talk.

I want to find a reason to live.

If you are in immediate danger of hurting yourself, contact 911 or ETSU Public Safety, (423) 439-4480.

Call BUCSPress2 to talk to someone right now.

We recommend regular individual counseling.  Stop by during our walk-in hours for a needs assessment

I would like to explore a possible mental health diagnosis.

Stop by during our walk-in hours for an initial needs assessment.

I've benefited from counseling in the past.

Stop by during our walk-in hours for an initial needs assessment.

I would like to talk to a counselor as well as see a psychiatrist about medication.

Stop by during our walk-in hours for an initial needs assessment.  We support a model of practice that combines medication with psychotherapy.  If you are not interested in counseling, but just want medication contact ETSU Health Services.

My partner, roommate or friend and I have a few things to work out

Let's Talk is great for problem-solving short-term relationship issues.

If you live on campus, it might also be helpful to talk to your RA.

My partner and I need on-going couples counseling.

Stop by with your partner during our walk-in hours for an initial needs assessment.

I am a student worried about another student.

CLICK HERE for information about how to help a suicidal friend.

If this is not an emergency, consider Let's Talk.

You may also want to file a confidential CARE Report.

We also provide consultations. Call our front desk, 423-439-3333.

I am a faculty member/staff/parent worried about a student.

We provide consultations for anyone worried about a student. Call our front desk to schedule, 423-439-3333.

Let's Talk is a casual drop-in counseling service at various locations on campus, which is appropriate for students in mild-moderate distress.

BucsPRESS2 is our 24/7/365 telephone mental health helpline, appropriate for all students at all times.

You may also want to file a CARE Report when you are concerned about the welfare of a student.

More resources are located at BucsCARE.

Tips on talking to a distressed students may be found HERE.

I am a faculty/staff member wanting to schedule an outreach presentation.

CLICK HERE to learn more about scheduling a presentation for your department or for a class.

I'm not interested in counseling; I just want to see a psychiatrist about the possibility of medication.

We only provide psychiatry for our ongoing counseling clients. Contact ETSU Health Services


  Walk-in Needs Assessment Hours

First come, first serve. Due to high volume, we may occasionally ask a student to return during the next walk-in time.





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