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University School

Future Students

University School has one section each for grades K-5. The kindergarten enrolls 20 students. Grades 1, 2, and 3 each have 22 students. Grades 4 and 5 each enroll 26 students. Grades 6, 7 and 8 have 52 students each. Grades 9-12 have no more than 85 students per grade level. 

A drawing is held each March to fill vacancies for the next school year. Applications are accepted between January 1st and the end of February for the term beginning in July. Kindergarteners must be 5yrs of age by August 15th to apply. Students selected through the lottery will be eligible for an interview. University School reserves the right to screen applicants for past attendance, academic, and discipline problems. No admissions are final until after the interview process is complete, including the directors signature. A letter of acceptance or non-admittance will be mailed in a timely manner following the interview.

University School students are subject to all public school laws, the policies and regulations of the Tennessee State Board of Education as stated in the Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA), and the policies and regulations of the State University and Community College System of Tennessee as administered through the President of ETSU.

The Application Process to University School begins on January 1st of each year. During early March a random drawing is conducted and numbers are assigned to each applicant for each grade level. In April students are then invited to interview for enrollment in University School for the next school year based on space availability and order of priority. That priority order is as follows:

1. First priority is given to children whose parent/guardian is a full-time University School faculty or staff member.
2. Next in order are siblings of students already enrolled at University School (except for siblings of graduating seniors when that senior is the only sibling at school).
3. The third priority group is residents of Washington County.
4. The final priority group is students residing outside of Washington County.

All applications received after the cutoff date and time will not be included in the pool. These applications will be stamped and dated recording when they were received and will be added to the waiting list. As openings become available, eligible students will be called for the interview process in the order of their placement on the waiting list.

Dates are set according to the calendar, however they follow this procedure:

1. Applications are accepted each school day until 4:00 p.m. on the last day of February. If the last day of February falls on Saturday or Sunday, the deadline will be the preceding Friday.

2. The executive aide (school secretary) will need a minimum of one week to alphabetize and organize the received applications.

3. The initial pool of applicants will be notified by the end of March to attend an interview. Additional applicants will be accepted as openings become available.

Once students have been notified by mail that they have been accepted for an interview to University School, the following forms will need to be provided to the Executive Secretary and an interview will be scheduled at that time. Applicants who are eligible for services under 504, IDEA, or ESL must have their prior school's service plan included. Any false representation(s) on required documents may result in admission refusal/dismissal from University School.

  Application form

  Special Education Records (if applicable)

Immunization record

Birth certificate

Social Security Card

Final Report card from previous school 

  Copy of legal documentation certifying physical custody (does not require entire divorce/separation document)

  Standardized tests


International exchange students

International exchange students must follow all admission policy procedures.

  Continued enrollment

Parent/Guardian/Student Code of Conduct: Attending University School is your choice. Please note that University School also has the choice at any time to convene a committee to discuss options which may include withdrawal when academic progress, behavior or attendance becomes a concern. Withdrawal may also result when the conduct of any student or parent/guardian is determined to interfere with the operation of University School or ETSU.

In early January parents/guardians of currently enrolled students are mailed a letter to re-enroll their child. Parents/Guardians must return this re-enrollment form and materials fee by the specified date or the child's position in the school will be considered open. This child will then be placed at the bottom of the waiting list; not on the sibling list.

Applicants who are not admitted will have to reapply January 1 through February 28 to be considered for the next school year.


Students, who have previously withdrawn, must reenter the lottery for admission, or be placed on the waiting list for the first available opening.

Following dismissal, an applicant who chooses to reapply should present documentation of a minimum of one semester of acceptable behavior, attendance and academic progress prior to the readmission interview. A probationary contract between the student, the parents/guardians, and University School will be signed prior to readmission.



The appeal process should adhere to the following sequence:

1. A staff member or a committee

2. Director of University School

3. Dean of the College of Education

4. Provost of ETSU

All appeals to the Dean and Provost should be submitted in writing, listing specific issues to be addressed.


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