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University School

Future Students

FAQ's (Admission Questions Most Frequently Asked) 

1.How can I get my child in University School?  The first step in getting your child in University School is to fill out an application.  The application is on line and can be submitted back to us online. 

2. Can I apply now for the next drawing?  You can only apply from January 1st until February 28th to be in the drawing.

3. Does my child get priority because I work at ETSU or go to school at ETSU?  No, only if you are a full time employee at University School.

4. Does the waiting list roll over to the next year? No, if your child does not get in you must apply again the next year.

5. If my child is an exceptional student, will that help his/her chances of being accepted? No,  because we are a public school and a school of choice we cannot  use this as criteria for acceptance.

6. Would my child be considered if he/she has a learning disability? It would depend on if the school feels that your child would be successful at University School.  This would be talked about at the time of the interview.

7. Would my child be considered if he/she has a physical disability?  It would depend on the disability.  Our school does not have elevators so they would have to be able to maneuver the stairs.  We do have a handicap ramp to get into the building and our rest-rooms are handicap accessible.

8. Who makes the final decision on acceptance? The Director of University School.           

9. What makes University School attractive to students and parents? It is a smaller environment for the students and is more like a family.  We also have the availability of ETSU and what it offers.  Our teachers are all highly qualified and care deeply about their students. Students make life-long friends.

10. What is the graduation rate? 100%

11. Do most of your students attend college after high school graduation? In any given year between 90% and 100% of our graduates attend post-secondary institutions.

12. Do you have bus service? No, everyone is responsible for their own transportation.

13. What sports does the school participate in? We participate in Girls Soccer, Boys Soccer, Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Golf, Cross Country and Track and Field.  View Athletics

14. Do you have a music program? We have vocal music, theatre, and instrumental ensemble.  We also offer Junior Appalachian Musicians (JAM) as an after-school option.  

15. Do you have an art program?  We are very fortunate to have art programs for all levels of students. View Arts & Specialty Programs

16. What extra-curricular clubs or programs do you have?  We have several clubs that students can participate in.  Our honor club is the Beta Club.  Our service club is the Key Club. We also have Chess Club, International Club, Franklin Math Bowl, Glee Club among others. View Clubs/Activities/Extracurricular

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