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University School



Club Name:  University School Math Club

Ms. Tammy Dycus


Purpose and Eligibility
The purpose of the math club is to practice more integrated, complex math problems, and to prepare students to compete against other schools at regional math competitions. Students must maintain a minimum of a 3.0 GPA in all mathematics courses to be eligible for membership.

The purpose of our meetings will be to plan and prepare for upcoming events and contests. Past tests are available online and copies will be given to students during meetings to discuss and practice.  We need to plan to meet a minimum of 1 or 2 times per month. 

**There will be a Math Club Meeting on Friday, January 11th, at 12:30, in Ms. Dycus's room, Room 306, to discuss the Mu Alpha Theta Competition in March.  Middle School students taking a High School math class may participate.  Please see Ms. Dycus if you are interested but cannot attend the meeting.  Students seriously interested in attending Math Competition on March 8th & 9th, at Dobyns Bennett, please see Ms. Dycus this week for permission form.  Permission form and fee due to Ms. Dycus by Friday, February 1st. 

Meeting times:3rd Monday of every month and 4th Friday of every month, in LC1, from 12:00-1:00 pm.

University School Math Club Members Score Victory
Congratulations to our Math Club members who competed in the T.M.T.A. Math Contest at Northeast State.  The following students scored in the top ten:  Matthew Carter - 8th place in Geometry, Vijay Ananthula - 2nd place in Algebra 2, and Porter Bradley - 10th place in Algebra 2. 

Math Club members participating were:

Vijay Ananthula
Ginnie Berry
Porter Bradley
Viraj Brahmbhatt
Matthew Carter
Gracie Crabtree
Carter Pollock
Abby Siddiqi
Isaac Siddiqi
Caleb Strickler

Way to go, Mathletes! 
Induction Into Mu Alpha Theta National High School Mathematics Honor Society

Congratulations to the following University School students who have been inducted into Mu Alpha Theta – the National High School and Junior College Mathematics Honor Society: 

Vijay Ananthula
Cas Blevins
Carter Pollock
Abby Siddiqi
Isaac Siddiqi
Caleb Strickler



Mu Alpha Theta
Our first order of business will be to apply to be a local chapter of Mu Alpha Theta which is the national high school mathematics honor society. Once we are approved, we will have 3 levels of membership in our club. Students enrolled in Algebra 1 will be considered math club members, students enrolled in Geometry will be associate members of Mu Alpha Theta, and students enrolled in Algebra 2 or higher are eligible for full membership in Mu Alpha Theta. Only full members will be allowed to participate in math competitions specifically sponsored by Mu Alpha Theta. In order to apply for a charter, all students who wish to be full members of Mu Alpha Theta must pay a one-time registration fee of $10 that must be sent in with our application. This fee will cover your membership certificate and card.

Information about Mu Alpha Theta:
The National High School and Junior College Mathematics Club, Mu Alpha Theta, was formed in 1957 to engender keener interest in mathematics, to develop sound scholarship in the subject and promote enjoyment in mathematics among high school and two-year college students.

National policy is determined by a twelve-person Governing Council consisting of three national officers (President, President-Elect or immediate Past-President, and Treasurer), four governors elected for four year terms, and representatives appointed by the sponsoring partners. An executive director runs the day-to-day functions of the organization. Officers and governors serve without monetary compensation.

Mu Alpha Theta provides the following:
1.) Individual membership certificates, membership cards and school charters issued by the National Treasurer. Member names remain in the National Database for membership verification.

2.) Members are eligible for scholarships, awards, and grants.

3.) Newsletters containing current chapter news, news of regional and national meetings, ideas for chapter meetings, and items of interest to students.

4.) Insignia pins, buttons, charms, patches, banners, small seals, medallions, tassels, graduation honor cords, t-shirts, and a tote bag are available from the National Office.

5.) National Convention is held annually in July with lectures by outstanding mathematicians, as well as by students. Many individual and group math contests are held during the National Convention.

6.) Regional and state meetings are frequently arranged by local chapters.


Student Opportunities in Mu Alpha Theta:
·        Mu Alpha Theta Scholarships - $5000 and $4000 scholarships for graduating seniors

·        Summer Grants – Up to $2000 for studying math in the summer or doing mathematical research

·        Student Awards

·        Free Mu Alpha Theta Contests


Upcoming math contests
Thursday, November 3rd, 2016 – UT Pro2Serve Math Contest for TN High School Students
·        Students must have completed Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 in order to attend. Students do not have to be members of Mu Alpha Theta to compete.

·        Individual and team competition

o   Fermat I: This is a 25 multiple-choice question test for all participants which is machine graded.

o   The Math Bowl: This Scholars Bowl type of double-elimination tournament challenges three member (plus one alternate) teams to quickly solve computational type math questions.

o   Fermat II: The Top 50 Fermat I scorers advance to this test which demands uncommon creativity and originality in problem solving. It is hand-graded by Professors of UT Knoxville’s Department of Mathematics.

·        NO CALCULATORS may be used in any phase of the contest!

·        Students compete for a variety of awards including

o   4-year scholarships of $6000 per year to UT Knoxville (any major) for the top ten Fermat II scorers as well as trophies and medals

o   Certificates for all participants

o   T-shirts for the Top 50 Fermat I scorers

o   Trophies for the Top 5 Fermat I scorers

o   Trophies and medals for the top two math bowl teams

·        Our school limit for this contest is 20 students. The entry fee will be $15 each and there will be additional costs for transportation to Knoxville.

·        We will need to decide who wants to participate and collect the entry fees before we leave for our September break.


Tuesday, April 11, 2017 – Tennessee Mathematics Teacher’s Association Statewide High School Mathematics Contest – Northeast State Community College, Blountville or Tusculum College, Greeneville as assigned by the Regional Chair

·        Students do not have to be members of Mu Alpha Theta to participate.

·        Six separate divisions of the contest with a limit as to how many students can participate from each school. The limit is based on the total school enrollment in each course and is in parentheses next to the division.

o   Algebra I   (5)

o   Geometry  (5)

o   Algebra II  (5)

o   Statistics  (4)

o   Precalculus  (4)

o   Calculus and Advanced Topics  (6)

·        The contest will be conducted as one continuous test of 80 minutes. The test will consist of multiple choice problems.

·        Allowed materials: pencil, compass, ruler, and calculator (must be one that is allowed on the ACT)

·        Awards:

o   Certificates of participation

o   Certificates of Merit (top 3 in each division)

o   Certificates of Distinction (top 3 in each region in each division – the region consists of 8 testing locations)

o   Certificates of Achievement (the remainder of the top 10 in each region in each division)

o   Engraved Plaques (top 3 in the state competition in each division)

o   Certificates of Excellence (the remainder of the top 10 in the state competition in each division)

o   Engraved Plaques (top 3 schools in the state competition in each division)

o   $125 check ( 1st place winners in Statistics, Precalculus, and Calculus in the state competition)

o   $100 check (1st place winners in Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 in the state competition)

o   Winners will be recognized at the winner’s school on awards day.

o   $3 entry fee per student plus an additional fee for transportation to the contest.


National Log 1 Contest – University School

o   Only members and associates of Mu Alpha Theta may participate. Only members may receive awards. Must be enrolled in Algebra 2 or higher.

o   Consists of 3 rounds of tests that will be given in paper and pencil format.

§  Specific dates will be announced at a later time.

§  Round 1 will be given on a Saturday or after school in November or early December

§  Round 2 will be given on a Saturday or after school in December or early January

§  Round 3 will be given on a Saturday or after school in late January or early February.

o   Round 1 tests will be either “Functions” or “Geometry

o   Round 2 tests will be either “Number Theory” or “Sequences & Series”

o   Round 3 tests will test general mathematics on level appropriate topics.

o   There are 3 divisions

§  Mu – Calculus

§  Alpha – Statistics, Precalculus

§  Theta – Algebra 2

o   All tests have 15 open answer questions to be completed in 30 minutes without a calculator.

o   Awards

§  Each of the top ten schools in each region will receive $271.83.

§  TI graphing calculators, DVDs, math games or other similar prizes will be awarded by random draw among students who have completed all three rounds.

o   There is no entry fee.


Rocket City Math League – University School

o   Consists of three 45-minute tests for each division, each with 10 questions, and an interschool test where students work in teams.  Exact dates will be announced later.

§  Interschool Test – 1st part of November

§  Round One – Middle of January

§  Round Two – Middle of February

§  Round Three – Beginning of March

o   Divisions:

§  Mercury – Algebra 1

§  Gemini – Geometry

§  Apollo – Algebra 2

§  Discovery – Precalculus or higher

o   Awards:

§  Top 25 students in each level (from all schools) will win a trophy

§  Top 10 schools in each level will win a plaque

§  Other prizes, such as TI graphing calculators, will be given by random draw.

o   No entry fee.




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