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To aide in the fitness and health of our students, University School is participating with the Morning Mile Program to get kids up and moving before school. Staff, students and their parents are encouraged to run or walk from 7:30-7:50 on the side yard of the school. Come join us Tuesdays and Thursdays (weather permitting).  Follow the music!

2018-2019  Morning Mile Club

5 Mile Club


10 Mile Club


15 Mile Club


20 Mile Club


25 Mile Club

30 Mile Club


35 Mile Club


40 Mile Club

45 Mile Club


50 Mile Club


55 Mile Club


60 Mile Club


The Morning Mile is a before-school walking/running program that gives children the chance to start each day in an active way while enjoying fun, music and friends. It's also supported by a wonderful system of rewards, which keeps students highly motivated and frequently congratulated.

Our provided guidebook ensures any school can easily implement the Morning Mile program. It is already being successfully utilized throughout Florida, in Texas, Louisiana, California, Canada and even a United States Air Force base near Tokyo, Japan.  "Morning Milers" at 150 schools and camps have completed over 650,000 miles and counting!

The Morning Mile provides an opportunity for 100% of each school's student body to participate each day of the school year.  It is not a "club". It is not exclusive. It is not just for jocks or kids who can follow complicated choreography. The Morning Mile offers a pressure free and friendly environment, which ensures children of all types, can pursue fitness each day of the school year.


The children enjoy how exercise makes them feel, receiving their reward necklaces and the opportunity to socialize with friends.

In addition to helping prevent the long-term effects of childhood obesity like increased risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and Type 2 Diabetes, providing children the opportunity to exercise each morning also allows students to expend youthful energy on the field leaving them more likely to excel in academics once the school day begins. Teachers praise their students' new ability to sit still, focus and learn while parents rave about their child's sense of pride, accomplishment and dedication to a healthy lifestyle.  (Information provided from Morning Mile Website)


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